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ECIU Respond To Global Carbon Budget 2016



The director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), Richard Black, has commented on the Global Carbon Project (GCP) analysis that has indicated that global carbon dioxide emissions were almost flat for a third year running, despite strong economic growth.

Richard Black’s full comment can be seen below:

“This analysis by the Global Carbon Project is not alone in finding emissions growth stalling whilst economic growth continues; others including the International Energy Agency and PwC have made similar findings. Although they note correctly that it’s probably too early to say that this marks a permanent change, it is undoubtedly significant.

“The big question is what happens next. Will this trend of decoupling emissions continue? Will US disengagement from the global climate process following the election of Donald Trump lead others to do the same? The politics are suddenly looking much more uncertain, although real-world trends of falling prices and growing use of clean technologies seem set to continue. One can only say with confidence that the next few years will be critical.”