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Great Cleaning Tips for a Smart Home

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Cleaning your home can be very tedious and time-consuming, but not anymore with the advancements in Smart Home Cleaning. Right now, there are several Smart Cleaning options that will do the cumbersome house chores for you. If you are the busy type, here are some Smart Home cleaning tips

1. Ensure Wi-Fi connection is Reliable

Smart appliances use Wi-Fi to connect to remote control devices like Smartphone Apps and even voice-activated controls. To get the best user experience with them, your internet and Wi-Fi connection should be steady and reliable. Make sure each and every Smart appliance is in a good range from the routers. Here, emphasis should be laid on your floor vacuum cleaners. Standing at an average of 3 inches high, they may not be in good range at times.

2. Choose a Highly Compatible Assistant

For those with Smart appliances compatible with voice-activated controls, it is important to choose an Assistant that is compatible with all your appliances. Even though there are several Assistants, I would recommend that you go for Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. These two remain the best options courtesy of their high compatibility.

3. Emphasize on a Single Brand or Two

If you want the perfect Smart Home that will be easy to manage, then insist on appliances from a single brand, or at least two. This will enable you to operate the entire system easily on one platform as opposed to the many different Apps you will need if you buy different brands. For example, if you have an iRobot vacuum, mop, window cleaner or even pool cleaner, you can manage all of them from the iRobot Home App.

4. Use Robot Vacuum Cleaners on Floors and Carpets

Cleaning floors is the most time-consuming house chore. Besides, floors get dirty very fast especially if you have kids or pets. Finding the time to be cleaning them daily is not possible especially in this tight 21st C schedule. The good thing with robot vacuum floors is the fact that unlike regular vacuum cleaners, they are Smart.

There are a lot of great robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. As with any purchase, it is important to do your due diligence first. Check reviews to make sure that you are purchasing the right robot vacuum cleaner.

First, you don’t have to push them around like stick, handheld, and other bulky vacuum cleaners. Robot cleaners will do the work autonomously save for the few minutes you will be required to empty the bin. Besides this, you can rely on the Schedule function that allows you to program cleaning up to 7 days. Imagine a straight week without worrying about your floors. The best thing about robot vacuum cleaners is their connectivity. They have Wi-Fi and support voice-activated control. If you like a Smart life, you can always stay in control of your robot vacuum cleaner on your Smartphone. You can also talk to it; tell it to clean and it will surely do so.

It is, however, important to note that there are specific robots with these Smart features. I would recommend the Roomba 900 series. The Roomba 960 and Roomba 980 have Wi-Fi to allow homeowners operate them from the iRobot Home App. In addition to this, it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. However, they have varying performance and this explains the over $100 price difference. Here is a Roomba 960 vs 980 comparison review that will help you make a great choice between the two.

These services are becoming even more popular for landlords with tenants. A number of professional cleaning services that work with landlords have started using them for tenancy cleaning.

5. An All-in-One Robot Cleaner is the Best

If you want a Smart cleaner that will do all the work, get an AiO robot vacuum cleaner with different cleaning functions. Besides offering sweeping and vacuuming, it should be able to mop (both dry and wet) and even purify the air. There are also those with UV floor sterilization. An All-in-One cleaner is a better option and is real value for money compared to buying a separate robot for vacuuming, mopping, and air purification. It is also easier to manage one cleaner than several different cleaning machines.

6. Turn your Robot Vacuum Smart

In case your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have Wi-Fi, here’s some good news. You can now buy an add-on gadget that will turn a non-WiFi robot cleaner into a Smart cleaner with Wi-Fi capabilities. If you have a Roomba 500 or 600 series and you want to use it with the iRobot Home App, then the Thinking Cleaner will come in handy for you. This is a faceplate with the Thinking Cleaner module that works the magic. We expect other innovators to come up with similar technology for other robot brands.

7. No Ladders – Clean Windows the Smart Way

Cleaning windows is very cumbersome and a very dangerous task as it may involve climbing ladders and stretching in very precarious positions. However, you can now have your windows cleaned effortlessly with Smart robot window cleaners. These Smart cleaners combine automated intelligent movement and the best in class cleaning. Whether you have framed and frameless glass windows, a Smart robot cleaner will do the job. Besides, they allow Smart operation making it a great purchase for those who want a Smart Home.

8. Use Smart Air Purifiers

Even though air quality is ranked among the most influential factors to our health, air purification has proved to be a real hassle for most homeowners. However, with Smart air purifiers, pet owners and allergy sufferers can now have fresh breathable air with these Smart cleaning appliances. The catch in these gadgets is the fact that they have highly efficient filters and can be controlled by a Smartphone. Unlike your ordinary air filter, Smart filters enable you to always monitor the air quality of your house. You can also see what types of allergens are common in your house.

Wrap Up

Even though Smart cleaning is a pretty new concept, most homeowners are now keen on it. It makes home cleaning very easy and convenient. Perhaps the best thing about it is that you can do your cleaning and monitor the appliances remotely as long as you have a reliable internet connection. So, if you want an easy and stress-free life, follow the above Smart cleaning tips and live Smart!

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