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How to Improve Employees’ Communication Within a Green Company

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We have talked extensively about the merits of running an eco-friendly business. Unfortunately, as Harvard Business School writer and editor Dina Gerdeman writes, it is difficult to come to terms with the fact that green businesses are very difficult to run profitably.

You need to really bring your game if you want to run a successful eco-friendly business. This means that you have to get your employees on board. The fate of any eco-friendly company is going to ultimately lie with the employees running it. Using disc to improve communication is a great first step to securing a productive team, as you can’t get them to do their job well without ensuring they communicate with each other properly.

Great Communication is the Key to Running a Successful Environmentally Friendly Business

Regular communication with employees is crucial to an eco-friendly business’s success. You won’t be able to run a successful green company and help promote environmentalism if you don’t make sure that your employees communicate properly.

As the business grows, internal communication becomes more challenging. Therefore, it is vital to do everything possible to ensure that the right people receive the message at the right time.

In this article, you will learn about the most common techniques that help improve employees’ communication within the company. Let’s get started.

1. Implement a monthly email internal newsletter

We have talked in the past about the benefits of a number of eco-friendly marketing strategies. One of them involves using email marketing. However, email can be just as important for communicating within a green business as with reaching new customers.

A monthly email newsletter is one of the efficient ways to share information with employees. This newsletter should provide various changes to policies, significant dates, health & safety tips. On top of that, you can feature an employee of the month and even host a contest to entertain your employees.

These newsletters can be created for email distribution or for print.

2. Use an email signature to announce internal news

Utilizing an email signature generator for communication inside the company is essential for organizations with a large number of employees. This signature helps not only make conversations more personal and human, maintain professionalism by adhering to business standards, but also inform everyone about the latest company news.

Why is this email signature so important?

Most employees tend to ignore the bottom of most email messages, as they believe there is nothing important in a regular internal company announcement. Therefore, you can use a well-designed internal email signature to give them a reason to participate. As they see that you added something attractive at the bottom of the email, the chances of them clicking on your call to action or links increase.

If you add a promotional banner, the imagery will definitely leave an impression. On top of that, the repetitive nature of seeing something on and on is likely to be noticed, remembered, and acted on.

In your email signature, you can announce a corporate party, training opportunities, important meetings, internal vacancies, staff recognition, etc.

How does one create such a signature?

The easiest and the most effective way to design and manage professional email signatures is an email signature generator. This will let you save a lot of time and resources if you need to update your signature regularly.

Look at these email signature examples created with the help of the software. Like them? You can use any of these ready-made templates or create a signature from scratch.

3. Choose company chat software

If you need more effective ways to communicate inside the company, consider using messaging services. They resemble the way we communicate naturally closer when compared to emails.

Software like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts has already become part of the daily lives of many employees all over the world. Let’s look at each service closer.

  • Slack

With more than 10 million regular users around the world, Slack belongs to the most used messaging applications in the workplace.

Slack is the perfect way to bring your entire team together. Here you can discuss everything: promotional briefs, the publication of a new version of the app, the latest company news, or your common plans for Friday. Everything is structured by channels. In Slack, you can choose only those with whom you work – constantly in the editorial office (then the person will have all the rights) or periodically or only on specific projects (then the person will have access to only a few channels).

  • Microsoft teams

Slack and Microsoft Teams have a lot in common when it comes to collaboration capabilities. This is largely due to their common goal of helping users to simplify internal communication and interaction. Broadly speaking, both tools provide users with the ability to chat one-on-one, communicate with multiple users via group conversations, and create public/private communication channels.

According to reviews, Microsoft Teams is a perfect fit for organizations of all sizes, thanks to its powerful built-in feature set and attractive pricing. At the same time, Slack is much more attractive to small early-stage organizations.

  • Google Hangouts

This Google service allows teams to exchange direct messages, create chat rooms, share files, and start video calls in Google Meet. In general, Google Hangouts and Slack have a lot of features in common, but also some exclusive ones.

For example, with Slack, you can only call up to 15 colleagues. In Google Hangouts, you can talk with up to 50 participants (depending on your plan).

4. Create a channel for feedback and ideas

Consider creating a social networking group for your employees on social media platforms, such as, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn (or any other platform you like). Not only will this allow you to post the organization’s updates and information, but your employees can also leave messages for you and interact with each other.

5. Invent an internal language

Improve workplace communication by creating an internal language. This will be fun!

The language can include acronyms or monikers to describe parts of your culture in a company. Using this quirky language keeps routine things interesting throughout the week and even promotes more communication.

If you want more ways to improve communication within your company, here you go. You can also celebrate any work achievements, encourage video conferencing for remote team members, attend conferences as a team, rearrange your office, identify and reach out to shy employees, encourage teamwork with collaboration tools, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and much more.

Foster Great Communication for Your Sustainable Business

Relationships can’t evolve without proper communication. The same applies to eco-friendly businesses.

The quality of internal communication often says quite a lot about the company itself. When poor communication goes unnoticed, your business’s days may be numbered. Since eco-friendly companies have a hard time thriving as it is, you can’t afford to make such disastrous mistakes.

Fortunately, there are some simple yet effective methods you can use to improve employees’ communication within the company.

If you don’t know where to start, implement a regular email internal newsletter, use an attractive email signature to catch employees’ attention and motivate them to engage, choose the best company chat software like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts, create a common channel for feedback & ideas, or even invent an internal language.

You can run a booming green business if you follow these tips and ensure your employees are on board. Good luck!


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