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reeddi solar powered startup in nigeria reeddi solar powered startup in nigeria


Nigerian Startup Sells Solar-Powered Rechargeable Batteries Locally

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Many new businesses are placing emphasis on sustainability. Green businesses can do a lot to help address concerns about climate change, pollution and other environmental issues. Some of the new green businesses are based on very innovative ideas.

Eco-friendly companies based in the United States and larger European countries tend to get the most publicity. However, there are plenty of ingenious startups in developing economies as well.

Nigeria is home to some wonderful green startups. One of the most promising is a solar company called Reeddi.

Reeddi is a Promising Solar Startup in Nigeria

Reeddi, a Nigerian startup dedicated to bringing clean, renewable energy to Africa, has now launched an innovative portable battery charged with solar power. The Reeddi capsule is currently available for customers to rent from a corner store in Lagos, Nigeria.

This portable battery has transformative potential in a city which often experiences power loss throughout the day and where many residents have to use polluting, noisy, and expensive diesel generators to get by. In fact, around 85 million Nigerians live without access to grid electricity, which equates to 43% of the country’s entire population, estimates from the World Bank reveals. As such, Nigeria has the largest energy access deficit out of all countries worldwide.

Making solar energy accessible

“Our goal is to make energy access as easy as buying milk,” says Olugbenga Olubanjo, CEO of Reeddi. In exchange for a small payment, customers are able to rent a Reeddi capsule for a single day. The capsule can be used to plug in and power a range of essential devices like laptops, mobile phones, lights, and fans. If more power is required, the modular nature of the batteries allows multiple capsules to be linked together to generate extra power. Once the capsule runs out of juice, customers return it to the store for charging.

Clean, renewable energy

For those with roof access, solar panels are a useful and cost-effective way of generating clean energy. Solar panels that rank well for efficiency, affordability, and durability are most suited to home use. Alternatively, for people who can’t afford solar panels, portable batteries can be a valuable substitute. “It’s a way to make solar power more affordable for people who can’t easily afford the upfront cost of installing solar panels”, says Olubanjo. The capsules are also useful for apartment dwellers or those who otherwise don’t have roof access. And, since the capsules are portable, they can be carried easily on-the-go (like from home to work, for example).

An efficient system 

Once used up, Reeddi picks up the empty capsules from the corner store and takes them to a separate location to then recharge them with solar power. A healthy supply of fresh batteries is constantly kept in stock at the store. In the future, however, the startup plans to make this model even more efficient. By installing solar panels on the roofs of corner stores, customers will be able to connect the batteries to a solar-connected vending machine, which recharges the used batteries, as well as dispenses fresh ones. 

Reeddi has big plans for the future. The startup aims to expand throughout Nigeria before launching in other African continents and Southeast Asia to make electricity accessible to rural populations. Reeddi is also anticipating a potential increase in financing that may be awarded by the global Earthshot Prize; the startup was recently chosen as a finalist with the chance to win $1.36 million in funding.

Reeddi is an Example of the Potential of New Green Startups in Nigeria

Nigeria is an overlooked country for eco-friendly entrepreneurship. It is home to some of the most prominent green startups in Afrida. Reeddi is one of the best solar startups the continent has seen and will make huge changes in the solar energy market.

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