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reef0787 by NOAA photo library via flickr reef0787 by NOAA photo library via flickr


WWF Respond To Climate Change Threats To Scottish Deep Sea Corals



In response to new research, published by the University of Edinburgh, which warns that the long-term survival of internationally recognised Scottish deep-sea coral reefs is threatened by the impacts of climate change, WWF Scotland said:

“This research highlights the need for greater action to address climate change and the importance of having a coherent network of well-managed, properly resourced marine protected areas.

“Globally, healthy oceans are important for wildlife and the many coastal communities that depend on them for a living. However, rising temperatures and other negative impacts caused by climate change put all this at risk. Hopefully, this research will help us better understand how to address these and other challenges facing our marine environment.

“Given the importance of the marine environment to Scotland’s economy, we call on all of the political parties to continue to press for more action to cut carbon emissions and to commit to measures that will ensure the good environmental condition of our seas.”


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