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Articles you may have missed: January 25-31



These are the articles that have attracted the most interest on our site in the past week, and we’re republishing the links here to ensure you don’t miss out.

On Wednesday, our article on Friends of the Earth’s campaign to get the government to take decisive action over dwindling bee numbers created a real buzz. (Sorry).

Visitors also flocked to our site on that day to read about the Scottish government’s plans to implement an electricity decarbonisation target by 2030 – something it urged the UK to follow its lead on.

This time last week, an investigation by The Independent revealed details of a “secretive funding organisation that allows the super-rich to anonymously fund the rejection of climate science.

Meanwhile last weekend, Lord Stern, who seven years ago led the writing of a government-commissioned review on climate change, admitted that the effects were “coming through more quickly than we thought.

Stern was speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos – and we rounded up the media coverage of the event on Sunday.

After scouring the web for interesting green projects and ideas that were currently on the lookout for crowdfunding, we decided on Wednesday to give our favourites a little plug.

Last Friday, Simon Leadbetter argued that future generations will see our debate about the cause of, and response to, climate change in the same way we view historic arguments over slavery, while on Tuesday, Alex Blackburne wrote about how George Osborne’s championing of the HS2 high-speed rail project proved his ideological objection to renewable energy.

Martin Ellis became the latest ethical investor to share his experiences with Blue & Green Tomorrow in the last seven days, saying that he wanted “want to be on board in the direction of where things are going, rather than be left behind“.

And finally, we looked at the notion of an ageing population, and examined how investment funds were seeking to tackle this demographic shift sustainably.


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