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Blue & Green Tomorrow looks to crowdfund its next three reports



We’re delighted to unveil our next series of reports. And we’re asking our readers to pledge anything from £10 upwards to help fund the next three, on sustainable investment, ethical retail and responsible media.

We believe in great long-form journalism. Journalism that is evidence-based, impartial, optimistic and responsible. Journalism that gives a voice to some of the incredible people and organisations doing truly incredible things in all areas of sustainability. And journalism that outlines sustainable solutions for the good of the planet, people and all of our prosperity.

We’re turning to crowdfunding, a pioneering and engaging way of raising money. And we’ve chosen, as the UK’s leading crowdfunding site, to host our appeal.

The money will pay for our brilliant interns, researchers, writers, sub-editors and designers. Most importantly though, it pays for distribution to the widest possible audience possible.

If we can get the reports into the hands of political and business decision-makers as well as the wealthiest investors, we might just get them to make some better decisions about what they invest in. Critically, we aren’t preaching to the converted but hitting those who might even be sceptical about sustainable investment.

We appreciate donations of any size, and look forward to bringing you our next set of in-depth reports with your help.

So watch our video, read our pitch, pass it on to others via email, Twitter and Facebook, and if you can, please donate something…

Thank you.