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£85m eco-tourism project in the pipeline for South Lanarkshire



A Scottish eco-tourism project, which developers say has the potential to bring a “significant boost” to the local economy, is set for a public consultation over its construction.

The £85m attraction in South Lanarkshire comprises of three biospheres – temperate, tropical and polar – and contains plants and animals native to each. The current schedule will see the development open shortly after the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Plans to build a restaurant and hotel at the new development are also underway, to help create a leisure destination that will provide income to the local community.

Detailed plans are due to be submitted in the summer, and over the course of the beginning of this week, developers are hosting drop-in sessions to gather public feedback on the proposals.

We want to work as part of the wider community and we would like to share our exciting plans with the people of South Lanarkshire and Glasgow and hear their views”, said Steve Minion, director of Wildside World, the company behind the project.

We hope to engage with people at this early stage so that we have the opportunity to invite them to join in our consultation exercise and to update them in the future on our activities.”

Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to Sustainable Tourism 2013 outlined some of the most responsible, sustainable and environmentally-friendly tourism options on offer.

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