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Happy Independence (and Independents’) Day



Happy Independence Day to all our readers across the pond in the US. And happy Independents’ Day to everyone behind independent retail in the UK.

While the US’s independence from Great Britain is most commonly associated with July 4, the alternative celebration organised by the National Skills Academy for Retail is now in its third year.

According to the organisation’s website, “The campaign [aims] to raise awareness about the package of training and business support that is now available to independent retailers in England at low cost, depending on their location. The package is available to independent retailers and their staff to help them acquire and improve essential skills to grow their businesses and assist them to survive and thrive in the current climate.”

Opting for independent retailers is just one way to ensure your goods have been produced in a more ethical and fair way. Blue & Green Tomorrow’s Guide to Fair Trade 2013 looks into some of the alternatives, including dedicated ethical brands, farmers’ markets and co-operatives.

So whether you’re celebrating Independence Day, Independents’ Day or both, we hope it’s enjoyable.

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