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We’re all going on a Blue & Green Holiday



For the next nine days, the team at Blue & Green Towers are taking a much-needed and well-earned break to celebrate amongst other things, the summer, the Olympic Games, our publisher’s 40th (6th August, as you ask), our editor’s trip to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and to recharge our solar-powered batteries for the coming months.

In those coming months we will be publishing the Guides to Sustainable Banking (September), Sustainable Investment 2 (October), Sustainable Retail (November) and Responsible Media (December).

In the meantime, we’ll be publishing the six principles of responsible investment as set out by the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI). We’ll riff around those principles and look at how they inform our own approach.

If your short of things to read, why not delve into the wealth of information in our:
Guide to Sustainable Investment
Guide to Sustainable Tourism
Guide to Limitless Clean Energy

In September, Blue & Green Tomorrow will be two years old and we hope you’ll enjoy reading what we write as much as we enjoy writing it.

We’ll be back on August 11. Have a great summer.

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