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Five Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Sustainable



With the conversation surrounding the environment and creating a more sustainable world, a lot of people are wondering what they can do. It can feel helpless when you think too much about the corporate impact on the environment because you can’t do much about it. If you’re not going to become a political activist, you probably still want to know how you can live a more sustainable lifestyle. The place to start is to cultivate an environmentally-friendly household and in the house you should start with the bathroom. Continue reading for five ways to make your bathroom more sustainable.

Makeup Cabinet

When you open up your makeup cabinet, shelf, or drawer, you will see a lot of possibilities to make your life more sustainable. Start with the makeup itself. There are many eco-friendly makeup brands that provide products that aren’t tested on animals and don’t contain harmful chemicals. They include environmentalism into their business initiative.

Human beings have been wearing makeup for centuries, there’s no reason to add chemicals. Now move on to the makeup brush. It is probably made out of plastic. Next time you need a brush, look for a sustainable alternative made out of bamboo or another material. Finally, cotton rounds should be reusable and made out of a similar material.

In the Shower

Everything from your body wash to your hair products in the shower should be made from organic ingredients, without the harmful chemicals. Try shampoo and conditioner bars. These are typically much better for your hair and are also less wasteful. Made from all-natural ingredients, these alternatives are great for your hair and skin while being a sustainable product. The loofah doesn’t have to have a plastic handle. Try a bamboo alternative. The same goes for washcloths. The material matters. Choose a sustainable one.

The Toilet

Even your toilet has a more sustainable option. Choose a smart toilet that focuses on saving water. The best part about this is that when you look into a smart toilet, you get to choose from some pretty fancy amenities as well. Do you want a heated toilet seat? It is possible with a smart toilet. You can even get a bidet installed, which cuts down on the amount of toilet paper you use.

In addition to the bidet, bamboo toilet paper is a great alternative. Since traditionally toilet paper has been produced by cutting down trees, bamboo is a perfect substitute because it is plentiful, sustainable, and doesn’t take that much water to grow. Bamboo toilet paper is stronger, making it last longer. It is also soft and affordable. Switching to bamboo toilet paper can make a huge difference.

Hair Products

Another thing you might overlook when it comes to the sustainability of your bathroom are the brushes and combs you use. Most are made out of plastic. Try bamboo combs and brushes to lessen your impact on the environment in this regard. Beyond your brushes and combs, you should take a look at the products you put into your hair. Sometimes the chemicals added are less than favorable for your hair, skin, and the environment. Take a look at the ingredients. Do a little research. Then decide for yourself.

Oral Care

Like the other areas of the bathroom, the oral department is also one that could be improved to be more sustainable. Beginning with the toothbrush, most of them are made with plastic. This is easily avoidable. Again bamboo is a great alternative to plastic here. Then, your toothpaste shouldn’t contain harmful chemicals. During production, chemicals could run off and make their way to our rivers and oceans. Finally, mouthwash should be simple and free of harmful chemicals.

The bathroom is one area of the home that could be more sustainable. Between the products, the use of water, and the use of plastic and harmful chemicals, we can all do better to support the right companies and all-natural products. People have been cleaning themselves and accessorizing with makeup and hair products for a long time. Let’s not pretend like all the harmful chemicals are necessary. Instead, let’s ask for better and show our support in the right places with our money.

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