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setting up solar energy panels at home setting up solar energy panels at home


Business Initiatives: Ways to Preserve the Environment



As of late, the urgency to adopt green, earth-friendly habits is growing in numbers. Businesses are joining in to set an example of how to go green and make an impact. Listed below are a few ways that your business can join in to help preserve the environment for future generations.

Repair Versus Replace 

Your business can reduce its carbon footprint by opting to repair rather than replace. For example, you need to revamp your office space, so you opt for using a company that recovers pipes instead of replacing them. Renting and leasing equipment will also allow for a second and third go-round of equipment and reduce the number of machines in landfills. 

Go Paperless

While many companies are already well underway to a paperless existence, other businesses are still using paper to print everything. Take advantage of technology and use email, smartphones, iPads, and computers as vessels to transport information without the need for retaining an actual paper print. Even a typical fax machine from the early 2000s is now updated to feature fax-to-email capabilities. 

Update Lighting

There are many choices when it comes to selecting lighting for your business. When making a concerted effort to go green, consider things like the type of bulb, the type of fixture, and the amount of energy required to perform well. Poor energy conservation habits can also have an impact on the company’s carbon footprint. CFLs and LEDs are excellent choices for lights because of their long lives and reduced energy consumption requirements. Installing dimmer switches and creating a workplace policy that promotes awareness regarding energy consumption is also important. When choosing fixtures, look for those made using natural and reused materials.

Solar Panels 

Incentives are available in most states and by the federal government for making the transition to solar energy. While you will need to pay a sizable amount initially, solar panels are an investment that will show dividends in a matter of a few years. Your utility bills will decrease allowing for more funds to go towards marketing and you’ll benefit by promoting your business as doing its part to remain eco-friendly. 

Use of Natural Light

Commercial buildings can benefit from taking in an abundance of natural light. Open the blinds and install skylights to reduce your dependency on artificial lighting. For new building designs, incorporate more or larger windows on the side facing the sun. 

Conscious Effort to Reduce Waste

Your business will benefit in two ways by adopting good habits regarding energy use. The same old phrase your parents drilled into you as a child applies in your business: “When you leave a room, turn the light out.“ At the end of each business day make sure that your employees unplug their computers and other electronic equipment and install programmable thermostats. 

Install a Water Filter 

Installing a water filter in the kitchen sink in the cafeteria or break room of your business will eliminate the need for purchasing bottled water, 5-gallon jugs and personal plastic bottles. It helps to reduce waste at the landfill, guarantees that your employees are drinking fresh, clean water, and reduces office expenses.  


In many offices, employees simply discard paper and other consumables. Instead, check around your local area for recycling programs in your community. Take it a step further by purchasing paper products and ink cartridges that are certified recycled and reduce your dependence on plastic completely.

Go Green for Cleaning

Whether you hire an outside service or clean your office yourself, making an effort to use green products will reduce the number of airborne toxins you and your staff breathe in. Not only will you help the environment but you’ll keep the indoor air quality healthier. 

As a business owner, you can do your part to preserve the environment for many generations to come. 

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