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Green Multi-Channel Marketing Is Vital For Sustainable Photographers

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Sustainable photography has become a popular concept in recent years. There are a number of reasons that customers prefer working with photographers that are committed to eco-friendly business practices.

However, sustainable photographers often struggle to find their groover. They don’t know how to stand out in a growing sea of other professionals, which can make things overwhelming for them.

The good news is that that are plenty of ways that eco-friendly photographers can improve their marketing strategy

Marketing Strategies for Eco-Friendly Photographers

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to rebrand your thriving business, embarking on a multi-channel marketing plan to win new photography jobs for your business can seem a daunting task. However, breaking down one piece of the puzzle at a time can make the endeavor much more manageable, and having a strong marketing strategy is imperative in attracting your ideal customers, as well as keeping your existing customers engaged. 

You need to know how to position your brand as a sustainable company. Keep in mind that 70% of customers would be willing to pay up to 35% more for environmentally friendly products.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t do you much good unless you are willing to present your brand as being truly eco-friendly. You need to “walk the walk” to prove your commitment to sustainability.

There are many avenues you can take in order to properly build your brand and expand your sustainable photography business. Once your brand strategy is in place, focusing on one piece of your marketing campaign at a time is an excellent way to ensure that each branch of your marketing strategy aligns with your desired messaging.

Below is a list of options you can include in your business’s marketing plan that can get you started. These marketing strategies have a lower carbon footprint and are compatible with green business practices.

Send Email Campaigns to Reduce Paper Waste

You need to find marketing strategies that use as little paper as possible. You don’t want to use paper to send messages when email can work better. This would be better for the environment.

Email marketing can also have an excellent ROI for photographers when used properly. Ideally, your business maintains multiple lists of contacts: Existing clients, potential clients, and even dream clients. Sending out an email campaign is an easy and cost-effective way to reach each group with specific, targeted messaging. There are also many email campaigns services that offer extra features to help you pinpoint potential leads, such as data showing email engagement and followed links.

Send Direct Mail with Recycled Paper

Email marketing campaigns can reach a large number of contacts with a broad message. Direct mail is a great way to personalize and specially tailor an approach for a smaller subsection of clients, or for dream clients. Direct mail also provides ample opportunities to show your creativity, which can help drive your brand and message in a more direct way.

Of course, paper isn’t as good for the environment. This is why you should use recycled paper when possible. It won’t have the same environmental footprint, even though digital communications would be preferable.

Engage Your Existing Clients to Minimize the Carbon Footprint of Finding New Ones

As we showed above, finding new customers can come with a higher carbon footprint. So, why not try reaching out to existing ones? They will be more receptive to quick telephone calls, which aren’t going to hurt the environment to the same extent.

As much as marketing can be focused on attracting new customers, maintaining relationships with your current customer base in order to continue receiving their business is crucial. As these contacts are already familiar with you and your brand, using email or direct mail to reach out to them periodically and let them know what you’ve been up to keeps you on their radar and can remind them why they hired you in the first place. Keeping a strong relationship with a repeat customer also increases chances of referrals.

Upload Your Online Portfolio

Past their websites and social media accounts, photographers must have their work uploaded onto an online portfolio platform. Think of it as your digital business card. As these sites tend to be searchable by location, specialty, or other factors, deciding which sites to use and what work to showcase need to fall in line with your desired brand messaging. Before uploading to a specific site, search through its user base and see if it’s a fitting platform to represent your work. Alternatively, find out where photographers that are similar to you or that have the type of clientele you are after have their work uploaded and start there. Wherever you upload your online portfolio, be sure to have your contact info clear and easy to find so that interested parties know where to follow up. 

Feeling Stuck? Hire A Green Marketing Advisor

As much as breaking down each of these elements of a multi-faceted marketing campaign can seem simple enough, hiring a professional marketing consultant is an excellent way to make sure that you are delivering the proper brand and messaging to attract the customers you want. There are many companies, such as Agency Access, that excel at marketing for creative businesses that you can look into and receive expert advice.

Many of these companies can help with a green marketing strategy. Let them know that you run a sustainable business and they will work within your parameters.

Use Sustainable Marketing to Grow Your Green Photography Business

There are a lot of great ways to run a green photography business. You just need to use the right marketing tactics. The preceding green marketing strategies can go a long way.

Brandon Jarman is a freelance writer based out of Salt Lake City. He’s an advocate for living a more sustainable life and saving energy. When he’s not writing, he enjoys spending time with family, playing video games, and hiking.

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