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Making the Trucking Industry Sustainable



The planet is sick and 97% of climate scientists believe people are contributing to the problem. Industries and individuals across the world can do their part to reduce their carbon footprints and that includes the trucking industry. 

Truck drivers are an integral part of the global supply chain. They also have a big footprint. The commercial trucking industry accounts for roughly 6.5% of the greenhouse emissions in the US. In order to make a single long haul trucker carbon-neutral, they’d need to plant 6,519 trees per year per truck. 

There are about 3.5 million truck drivers in the country. Obviously it’s not feasible to plant the number of trees it would take to make the industry carbon-neutral, but there are steps truckers and fleet owners can take to reduce their footprint, however. In fact, many of the things they can do will make their jobs a lot easier. 

Use Smart Tech to Plan Efficiently 

Smart technology is something all fleet owners should take advantage of. Fleet management systems, like Driveri from Netradyne, allow business owners to keep track of their drivers’ route data. Tools like that can help drivers and fleet owners plan more efficient routes.

Utilizing the technology at their fingertips can also help truckers plan their routes more efficiently which reduces their footprint on the environment even more. When drivers take the shortest path to their destination it reduces the amount of fuel they’re consuming. By reducing gas consumption, carriers will have fewer emissions

Lower Emissions 

Aside from planning routes better, truckers can reduce their emissions in other ways too. For example, when they pull off to get some rest, leaving the truck idling releases harmful gases into the environment. 

Sometimes long-haulers can’t just turn the engines off in their rigs. That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency recommends long-haul truck drivers look into Idling Reduction Technologies (IRTs) to reduce the emissions produced when a semi is left with the engine on. 

Maintaining a consistent speed is also advisable. They might not be able to stay at a steady speed all the time, but they should try as much as possible.

Get Rid of Paper

Another small step fleet owners and independent truckers can take to reduce their impact on the environment is by getting rid of paper. With the technological advances made in the last couple of decades, it doesn’t make sense to mess around with paper receipts anymore. We need trees to help clean up the pollution made by humans. Cutting them down to create paper doesn’t do any good and it’s not necessary anymore.

Switching to electronic receipts is a simple step to take toward a more sustainable future.

Regular Maintenance

There are many reasons truck drivers should make sure they are getting regular maintenance on their rigs. The most obvious is safety. Breaking down on the side of an interstate is not ideal. There are far too many distracted drivers on the road.  

Another reason is that it’s a good way to increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions into the environment. That means checking the brakes, tire pressure, changing the oil in the rig, and doing whatever else it takes to keep the vehicle in good working order.

Truckers Moving Toward a Sustainable Future

Truck drivers won’t become carbon neutral anytime soon, but every step toward a green future is a step in the right direction. All of these suggestions will help get truckers where they need to be to help the planet heal. 

Everyone can do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. It just takes commitment.

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