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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Transportation Methods You Can Feel Great About

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When was the last time you’ve sat in traffic? Probably quite recently. Well, the environment takes a drastic hit each time that many cars come together simultaneous and emit harmful pollutants into the air.

Now more and more people advocate environmental protection tourism and are willing to join the ranks of environmental protection. To get more people onboard and raise awareness, try making an environmental group punch card,  printing pins that you can hang on your clothing, bag or hat as an eco-friendly keepsake.

Actually, that negative effect happens anytime any vehicle that isn’t a mode of green transportation is on the road. This has become a large concern of many people across the globe. Check out these eco-friendly transportation ideas if you’re interested in having a positive impact on our carbon footprint.

1. Bikes, Scooters and Hoover Boards

Bicycles are an age-old method of getting to the places you need to go. These modes of transportation are so beneficial to the environment that you never have to worry about them negatively impacting the environment with loud noises of harmful carbon monoxide emissions into the atmosphere.

Nowadays fans of low impact transportation, such as bicycles, have great selections. You may also want to consider riding a scooter or moped to your destination. Electric scooters are particularly popular among riders, mainly because they’re safer than hover boards yet less bulky than bikes. However, people on the heavier side tend to worry that this type of transportation might not hold their weight. But actually, there are scooters for people heavier than 250 or 300 lbs, and this makes it accessible for weighty riders as well.

2. Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

The uprising of cars that don’t require gas to operate has been rapidly evolved over the past years. Drivers have switched out pulling up to gas stations for plugging their hybrid vehicles into electric power supplies. These cars charge fairly easy -using domestic 13amp, or 110-volt, outlets at home or on-the-go. Transportation app development is on the rise with this trend, supporting the transition to the eco-friendliness of the industry.

One of the most popular car brands to hit the environmentally safe community is Tesla, powered by CEO Elon Musk. You can find electric cars in affordable price ranges, starting from approximately $23,000. This makes widespread ownership more practical, overall, and can lead to less pollution for better air quality.

While there are a lot of good EVs on the market, you need to make sure you do your research to find the right one. You also need the right amenities to go with them, which you can find at EV Cable Shop.

3. Car Pooling

Carpooling is not a new concept but it is a useful and relevant one. Essentially, you and others ride together if you’re going to the same location. This greatly cuts down on the number of cars on the road- which decreases harmful emissions and traffic.

Some states, such as Arizona, have integrated this practice into their rules and regulations. There are currently special lanes exclusively for carpooling to drive in. And you could get a hefty fine if you’re found riding in the lane while driving solo. We are also seeing car share apps, such as Uber and Lyft, adopting these eco-friendly transportation models as well. Your ride may be cheaper if you choose to share a vehicle with someone. These incentives are helpful for encouraging people to be more environmentally conscious.

4. Public Transportation

Although some buses and other public transportation have raised concerns in the past, using these modes of transportation still may help out the environment. Public transportation typically follows the same model as carpooling. It could be beneficial to leave your car home sometimes and take the bus. There have also been more recent developments to public transit that would qualify them as green transportation, such as electric trolley cars and trains. Depending on where you live, your city or state may already be implementing some healthier solutions to transform transportation systems.

5. Walking

This may be the most simple solution there is. Just walk! Save yourself money by walking to your local destinations. Walking is also great exercise, helps you clear your mind and doesn’t require a schedule to do. Buy stable walking shoes and shoe inserts if you need extra support. Help the environment by getting those legs moving with family, friends or even a solo stroll.

Don’t Just Stop at Eco-Friendly Transportation

We should all be pitching in to help preserve the planet. Eco-friendly transportation isn’t the only thing you can do. Making small adjustments to your daily living could go a long way. Check out this article if you’re interested in more ways of how you can have an impact on an environmentally sustainable future.

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