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5 Eco-Friendly Holiday Destinations in Europe

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Europe is home to many top holiday destinations that also coincide with being eco-friendly. If you opt for going on holiday to an eco-friendly destination you aren’t just getting a great holiday, but you’re also giving back to the world by choosing to help fund such positive services. From renewable energy sources at your accommodation to protecting the wildlife which surround it, you can help the environment by supporting these holidays. Pack your suitcases, grab your EHIC Card, book your tickets and make your way to the purest forms of relaxation and meditation today.

Aro Ha, New Zealand

Everyone is aware of how breath taking and beautiful New Zealand is, – and Aro Ha simply amplifies that. This rural retreat offers only the healthiest break from your day to day life. With divine vegetarian cuisine and melodic meditation, this holiday can really give you an insight into how life’s meant to be. With two townships close by, Queenstown and Glenorchy there are places to go and see outside of the resort as well as making the most out of all the facilities they offer, including the spectacular permaculture gardens. This wellness retreat will allow anyone the time they need to relax and recharge before getting back to their busy life. As well as offering a place of rest and relaxation, this accommodation also turns water and sun into energy, and grows their own fresh ingredients underground in the cellar. Any green soul would really enjoy this destination and it’s truly suitable for anyone that wishes to go on their own or even as a group.

EcoHotel L’Aubier, Switzerland

This stunning hotel overlooks the Neuchâtel Lake and is dwarfed by the high altitude of the Alps, making it an ideal first choice for anyone who’s looking for an eco-friendly holiday. They offer their own selection of products that come fresh from their bio-dynamic farm. They have everything from dairy products, vegetables and even their own meat so you know that you are getting fresh high quality food that’s sustainable, which many customers will definitely feel is enough to win them over.

Not only do they have a bio-dynamic farm but they also produce a third of the hotel’s power themselves and use rainwater to wash clothes and flush toilets. This rural location is great for anyone who is trying to escape the upbeat towns and cities as it offers its very own selections of books for you to read, access to the farm to interact with animals and endless amounts of wilderness for you to trek and discover.

New Zealand destinations

Lefay Resort & Spa, Italy

This resort is eco-friendly right from the get go, engulfed by the surrounding land, and its materials locally sourced, from the wooden pillars to the stone walls and flooring. The hotel focuses on reducing and sustaining their CO2 emissions, by using their selection of solar panels to help supply electricity and using the rainwater to power their washing machines.

Aside from all the good it does to help the environment you should also focus on what good the resort can do for you. From the gorgeous infinity pool to their six types of sauna, this hotel will give you the ultimate reenergising experience and can put your health back on track. As well as offering places to relax you can also find yourself looking over the lake in their fitness area which consists of a fully equipped gym and fitness studio perfect for those relaxing nights of yoga to let everything go. If you are looking for something a little bit slower paced but want the exercise take a walk along their outdoor paths among the Mediterranean trees or find yourself in the energy garden.

The Green House Hotel, UK

The Green House Hotel tells you straight away that they are all for the green approach and looking for the most sustainable way to do things. You can read more about it on Mr. And Mrs. Smith if you like. They will always look to source all of their products that they provide within the hotel locally as opposed to looking for cheap imports so they can help reduce the waste associated with transportation energy and help local businesses. Furthermore the hotel thinks ahead to what’s going to happen next to everything that goes in and out of the doors, from a bit of plastic packaging to a new piece of furniture.

As well as the good it does for the earth the in room beauty treatments might do you some good, from full body massages to express facials. As well as this you can also book surfing lessons with a local instructor, this hotel really does give back to its surroundings. This hotel is in a great location for those who love to explore as it is within walking distance of the Bournemouth beaches as well as the New Forest.

La Clairière Bio & Spahotel, France

This extravagant hotel is located in the Eastern region of France just North of Strasbourg and closely neighboured by Germany. This Bio & Spa hotel is the perfect retreat for anyone who is looking to reconnect themselves to nature as there are a lot of outdoor based activities to really make you realise the health benefits of the surrounding tranquil forests. You can experience the power of Tai Chi, Shinrin-Yoku and Zazen meditation to release your inner peace. Or, if meditation isn’t the way forward for you, then you could try Nordic walking through the forest as you adventure new terrain as well as discovering new plants and how useful or dangerous each one is.

If the weather isn’t encouraging you to relax outside, the spa offers a range of treatments from relaxing back massages to hot stone massages to really get your body and mind to unwind. Looking after yourself isn’t just maintaining the outside of you but also the inside, that’s why all the food they offer here is natural, organic and seasonal so their menu is constantly changing with the freshest ingredients to help you heal.


There are plenty of ways to enjoy your holidays in Europe, while still being environmentally conscious. The places on this list are great to check out.

Next time you are looking to book a holiday look to support these bio-aware hotels and resorts so you can help them give back to nature. These holidays are the perfect escape for anyone who’s looking to relax for a while and there’s no better way to do so then spa treatments, good food and being surrounded by the great outdoors. So what are you waiting for?


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