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The 5 Best Places for an Eco-Friendly Student Trip in Africa

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Eco-tourism is a booming industry. It was worth over $180 billion in 2019 and is growing as the pandemic starts to wane.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind if you are an eco-friendly tourist. You obviously have to avoid making these eco-tourist mistakes. One of the most important things to think about is the places that you will be traveling.

Many eco-friendly tourists are visiting Africa. There are a lot of great reasons that eco-conscious tourists visit this wonderous continent. There are a lot of beautiful, natural destinations that don’t use a lot of technology that leaves a large carbon footprint. Also, since it is a warm continent, people don’t spend nearly as much energy on heating in Africa.

Where Should You Travel as Eco-Conscious Tourist Going to Africa?

Africa boasts over 54 countries covering 30.3 million square kilometers, the largest concentration of ethnic and linguistic diversity in the world, and a thriving wildlife population. The continent has been the center of attention for all the best. Its topography, landscapes, and demographics vary wildly by region. It is not surprise that environmentally friendly people choose to visit this beautiful place. Many parts of Africa are actually starting to capitalize off of the growing interest in sustainable tourism.

Africa is full of vast untapped potential and beauty. It is a treasure chest of history, culture, and primal unforgiving wilderness. A student trip to Africa is a character-building experience that will not only shape your career prospects but also help you better appreciate cultures, values and traditions that may differ from your own. It will also help them appreciate the importance of protecting the environment, since they will know what they are trying to preserve by following eco-friendly lifestyles.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Here are the 5 best places for a student trip to Africa.


Home to the big cats, gargantuan wildebeest herds, kickass athletes and some of the best institutions of higher learning on the continent. Kenya is one of those tourist destinations you simply must visit during your lifetime and a student trip is a pretty good start. Travelers seeking a combination of adventure, rich diverse cultures and stunning wildlife, Kenya has it all. 

From snow-capped mountain peaks to white sandy beaches and stunning wildlife, this East African country is a popular tourist destination globally. Kenya offers visiting students the opportunity to learn and grow through first hand authentic interactions and experiences. Kenya, unlike most African states, experiences a relatively stable political and civil atmosphere.

Popular attractions include the Masai Mara, the White Sandy Beaches of Diani, numerous cultural heritage sites and more. Visiting students get to savor the Kenyan experience; scenic landscapes, rich diverse cultures, and an abundance of wildlife in one complete package.


Known as the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda is emerging as a popular travel destination and for a good reason. Renown the world over for its stunning scenery and mountainous landscapes, Rwanda is nothing short of breathtaking, and is home to six active volcanoes. A student trip to this East African nation isn’t complete without a visit to the Volcanoes National Park. The park is famous for its residents; mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. The park also has a rich variety of native flora

If you crave the great outdoors, you can enjoy a range of water sports at Lake Kivu. It is Africa’s sixth largest lake and Rwanda’s largest lake. Visiting students are treated to boat tours, kayaking, and fishing on the lake. If you fancy yourself a tea or coffee critique, Rwanda is just the place to put your skills to good use. 

Visitors can explore tea and coffee farms and learn more about the blossoming industry by going on plantation tours courtesy of the Rwandan Tourism ministry or travel agents. Rwanda has had its baptism by fire after the 1994 Genocide. Lessons learnt have helped shape the country’s economic trajectory cementing its place as a regional investment hub and a symbol of hope.

South Africa

Home to several distinct ecosystems, South Africa has consistently remained among the world’s top travel destinations. From Red Bus Tours of Cape Town to city getaways in Johannesburg and ark tours to beach holidays, the country is by every definition the ideal student trip destination. 

Enjoy the pristine untouched beauty of the land in any of several National parks and reserves. The iSimangaliso Wetlands Park in KwaZulu-Natal for instance houses Africa’s most extensive estuarine system. The country is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites that include;

  • The uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park in the Wild Coast; South Africa’s highest mountain range. 
  • Fossil Hominid Sites of Sterkfontein: The archaeological site houses various fossil remains and traces of evidence suggesting human occupation and evolution dated 3.3 million years old.
  • Robben Island: The island where Nelson Mandela was held for 27 years was used as a prison facility for political prisoners, a hospital of sorts for the socially unacceptable types and also served as a military base.

Other noteworthy interests include rich authentic South African culture and cuisine. South Africa’s old coastal dunes and beaches are a popular attraction site that stretches all the way to the Kosi Bay over on the Mozambican border A visit to Robben Island is sure to give you a crash course on South Africa’s political history.


The inclusion of Egypt on this list is no surprise. The land of the Pharaohs has for decades attracted all manner of attention whether academic or recreational. Egypt is a regional economic powerhouse and home to perhaps the most famous architectural feat; the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Egypt is a regional economic powerhouse and home to perhaps the most famous architectural feat; the pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx which you will be able to see included in many Egypt vacation packages

Very few experiences measure up to the experience of taking a student trip to Egypt. The massive scale of the sphinx and the pyramids is unmatched and nothing beats a discovery tour of the Nile by traditional sailboats known as felucca. The Aswan islands are also part of the tour circuit.

No student trip to Egypt would be complete without a visit to the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities. It houses valuable artifacts recovered from Egypt’s most famous pharaoh, Tutankhamun’s tomb. This culture-rich Northern African country appeals to history enthusiasts and those interested in taking a culture ride spanning millennia.


If a tropical island paradise, white sandy beaches and warm sunny days are all you’re about, then Seychelles is right up your alley. The island-nation is made up of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean off the East African Coast. Seychelles has a rich diverse demographic and a culture that can be described as the amalgamation of several cultures fused together”. 

The Seychellois people are descendants from Africa, Asia, and Europe. Each ethnic group brought with them unique cultural practices, languages, and cuisines. As far as languages go, Creole, French, and English are the main modes of communication. Local Seychelles cuisine is a delicious balance that consists of fish, spices, and tropical fruit.

If you’re planning a student trip to Africa, Seychelles offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in nature in a setting of total relaxation. The island is a melting pot of cultures and the effect is evident on the local cuisine. Visitors get to explore beautiful untouched coral reefs and see a wide diversity of marine life. Sailing and fishing are popular activities on the Indian Ocean island’s crystal blue waters.

Enjoy an Eco-Friendly Trip to Africa

There are a lot of wonderful reasons for people that care about the environment to visit Africa. There are a lot of great places to visit when you are a passionate eco-tourist.


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