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Eco-tour Destinations in Australia You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Next Visit

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It’s safe to assume that you didn’t just stumble on this article. You already know that Australia is teeming with fantastic natural attractions that match every other top nature destinations in the world.

Here are some of the best eco-tour destinations in the Land of Oz you shouldn’t miss on your next visit.

Sea Cliffs at Tasman National Park in Tasmania. This nature-favoured destination boasts massive cliffs over the sea. They are located close to the underbelly of Tasman Peninsula. They are nearly 984 feet.  These mind-boggling creations are impeccable suits and have the most rugged, almost otherworldly coasted surroundings.

Along the coastline rock structures can be accessed via car, including The Blowhole and Tasman Arch, two of Tasmania’s most famous attractions. You can get to them by traveling about 90 minutes from the city of Hobart.

Undara Lava Tubes, Undara Volcanic National park, Queensland. As the name suggests, once there was a furious volcanic activity here that created the landscape. It’s now a series of wonderful tunnels and caves ready to be explored. The place is also lauded as among the longest and largest lava tubes in the world. The results of this ancient fury, about 2000,000 years ago is so intrinsic and captivating that you’ll find yourself in a trance-like state. The Undara Volcanic National Park is a short 3.5-hour drive southwest of Cairns.

The Pinnacles alongside Nambung National Park in Western Australia. Just two hours distance from Perth is a scene that can be regarded as a look-alike landscape to the planet of Mars. These Pinnacles are a collection of limestone pillars in a field of red sand. The spires protrude from barren surroundings and make for a spectacular site. What’s awesome is seeing the beautiful of the ocean from this spot. Fascinating indeed.

The Umpherston Sinkhole at Mt Gambier in South Australia. Taking on the Great Ocean Road drive? Take time and visit Mt Gambier and travel to Unpherston Sinkhole. Formerly a cave formed of limestone, the sinkhole was formed from seawater corrosion, which led to the cave’s roof collapsing. Since then it was turned into a marvellous underwater garden that everyone can admire 24 hours a day. It is also very close to the city centre of Mt Gambier. It is only a 2.5-hour trip from Allansford, which is the final stop if you’re taking this road after leaving Melbourne.

Grampians National Park in Victoria. You only need to drive three hours from Melbourne to reach the Grampians, which is a popular tourist destination that receives a lot of visitors every year. Check it out and you’ll feel that the area is somehow still underrated. It’s weird that the venue isn’t crawling with tourists with its fantastic nature offering. Here you can enjoy standing right under the towering, range of Sandstone Mountains.

Australia’s diverse landscape is home to a plethora of awesome natural attractions that are scattered all around the country. Some of these astounding wonders are already known to a lot of visitors while others are still unspoilt.

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Have an awesome eco-tour destination!

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