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Historic Stops in Virginia That Are Perfect for Your Next RV Vacation

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If you have never traveled in an RV before, you have to rent one and give it a try. Not only can it help you save money on your next vacation, it also enables you to soak up more of the sights. With an RV, all you have to do is drive to your next location!

Traveling in an RV is especially helpful in a state like Virginia that is full of historical locations. Pack up the RV, hit the road, and make sure you check out all of these historic stops that are located in this great state.


Every American should visit Historic Jamestowne at least once. As the first permanent English colony in the new world, it’s where the seeds of this country were sewn.

Take a tour and walk past dig sites where excavations are still taking place today. Check out the settlement and tour a recreation of the original town. You can even explore replicas of the ships that settlers used to sail to America.


Williamsburg may not be the longest working American Capital, but it does take the title for the first permanent capital in the United States, making it a must-see on any historical tour of Virginia.

There are many things to do in Colonial Williamsburg that include:

  • Traipse through the formal garden
  • Tour historic buildings
  • Walk down Duke of Gloucester Street
  • Speak with period actors that include townspeople, shopkeepers, and political figures

There are a few modern touches to Colonial Williamsburg as well. Do a little shopping and stop for lunch in one of the area’s many restaurants.

There are plenty of other great sites to check out in Virginia. If you want to travel to other parts of the state, then you may want to look for RV rentals in Virginia.


The final point of the Historic Triangle is Yorktown. When you visit the first US settlement and the first capital, you may be wondering what’s left!

Yorktown has strong ties to both the Revolutionary War and Civil War. At this location, you can learn about the onset of both wars and experience a live-action theater performance of a battleground.

Reenactors illuminate daily life for visitors and you can even learn how to fire a musket. Travel down the road and visit the location of the last major battle of the American Revolution.


If your interest has more to do with the Civil War than the founding of this country, make sure you mark Appomattox on your calendar.

At this location, you can tour the Museum of the Confederacy and learn about the lives of Confederate soldiers. Visit the Appomattox Court House and National Historical Park and see the spot where the Civil War ended.

Village properties have been restored, including McLean House, where General Lee and General Grant signed the terms of the surrender.

There are so many historic sites in Virginia that it’s hard to choose just a few! Make sure you mark these stops on your RV vacation, but look into other locations and activities in the area. When you’re in an RV, no museum, location, or event is off limits!

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