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Hyatt hotels launches sustainability plan for 2020



American hotel company Hyatt has outlined a series of ambitious targets for 2020 to reduce water and energy use and boost sustainability in other areas, with the aim of becoming a blueprint for the sector.

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The targets include cutting energy use and greenhouse gas emissions per square meter by 25%, reducing water use per guest night by 25-30% and recycle waste sent to landfills by a minimum of 40%.

The company also pledged to source more than 50% of its seafood sustainably, use LEED or an equivalent certification for new projects and ask suppliers to have sustainability policies in place by 2017.

The luxury hotel chain said it recognises a lack of commitments in the hospitality sector.

Vice president of corporate responsibility at Hyatt, Brigitta Witt said, “Hyatt’s conservation efforts around the world to date have had a real impact, resulting in major reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as well as water and energy usage by properties across our portfolio. With five years and significant momentum under our belt, we saw the opportunity to further our commitment to environmental stewardship, in a manner that fundamentally touches every aspect of our business.

“Hyatt is committed to helping advance environmental sustainably around the world, from the way we collaborate with our global supply chain, to the way our hotels are built and operated, and the way we influence change through the passion and commitment of our colleagues.

It is not the first time Hyatt is praised for its social responsibility efforts. The company was given a 100% score in the HRC Equality Index for eight consecutive years by the Human Rights Campaign. It also have in place measures to promote community investment and help those affected by natural disasters.

Photo: Elliott Brown via flickr

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