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Invaluable Guidelines for Finding Unusual Accommodations as an Eco-Tourist

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Eco-tourism has become a very significant movement in the tourism industry. Research has found that the global market for eco-tourism is expected it to be worth $333.8 billion within the next six years. It is growing at a rate of over 14% a year until 2027.

If you are passionate about sustainability, then you should consider becoming an eco-tourist as well. There are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind when traveling sustainably. We have previously talked about the benefits of visiting eco-friendly tourist destinations in various countries.

In addition to choosing tourist attractions that are eco-friendly, it is also best to find accommodations that are environmentally friendly. You can find a lot of unusual accommodations that appeal to your specific interests and values of environmental sustainability. Many of these unusual accommodations are eco-friendlier than your average hotel.

You can follow these tips to find environmentally friendly accommodations while traveling.

Use an accommodation search engine

There are around one million hotels, Airbnb rentals and other tourist properties for rent around the world. You can find that sorting through all of them to find the specific accommodations you are looking for is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

It is a lot easier to find the right accommodations if you use a search engine designed for that specific purpose. One of the search engines worth using is Cozycozy. This is the only unbiased accommodation search engine that aggregates all other online accommodation solutions into a single hub.

One of the nice things about Cozycozy is that it also provides a lot of non-traditional accommodation options. The site also allows users to search for accommodation options in treehouses, boats and other properties.

This makes it a better option for eco-friendly tourists than traditional accommodation sites like Many of the hotels listed on other accommodation sites claimed to be eco-friendly, but have only made minimal investments in carbon footprint reduction.

Unusual accommodations like treehouses have much lower carbon footprints than even the eco-friendliest hotel. They can be the perfect choice for the most dedicated ecotourists that will feel comfortable in these accommodations.

See if it has any eco-certifications

Greenwashing is a serious problem in the eco-friendly tourism sector. It can be even more difficult if you are trying to find unusual accommodations, because you have fewer options to choose from and hospitality providers know that they can get away with being deceptive.

You should also see if a hotel has any eco-credentials before deciding to stay there. Companies like EarthCheck provide certifications for the tourism industry and help tourists figure out how eco-friendly they are.

Most eco-credential sites focus on rating hotels. However, you can also find some that give sustainability ratings on unusual accommodations as well. This will help you find places that have the lowest carbon footprint.

Find out what actual measures the company has taken to reduce their carbon footprint

Companies can get away with calling themselves eco-friendly when they aren’t, because it is such a subjective label. It is easy to get duped by these types of companies if you don’t know how to tell which ones are the real deal.

This is why you need to inspect them more closely. You will need to see what actual steps they have taken to be eco-friendly. Have they invested in faucets that minimize dripping? Have they used smart appliances that turn off the lights after long periods when people aren’t in the building? Do they have extra insulation to minimize the need for heat?

You will have an easier time choosing accommodations that align with your sustainability objectives if you know what measures they have taken. Do your research before booking your destination.

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