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Motorcycling Through the Florida Keys

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Anyone with an inkling of an adventurous spirit has considered ways to vacation on the wilder side. If motorcycling is one of your hobbies, consider a road trip vacation through the Florida Keys. Picture it now — the wind blowing through your hair, palm trees swaying nearby, and the ocean close enough to hear.

Unfortunately, we all can’t just pick up and drive to Florida. There are a few things to plan out and prepare before taking off. But if you’re sold on motorcycling through the Florida Keys, then here are some tips:

Prepare your ride and plan your route

Taking your motorcycle on a long ride is a bigger commitment than taking your car on a long ride. There are things that must be done before embarking through the Florida Keys on your motorcycle. Start with heading to your local shop and getting some new Bridgestone motorcycle tires. You should always check your tires before a ride.

Next, make sure your fluids and filters are all looking how they need to be. When checking fluids, look for any signs or corrosion, because this can be a sign of part failures somewhere else on the motorcycle. You also want to double check that your filters are clean before you hit the road.

The chain on your motorcycle should be kink-free, well-oiled, and properly tensioned before your trip begins. Last but not least, get some gloves and clothing that can block the wind without getting you too hot in the Florida sun.

After your motorcycle is all ready to go, take a look at some route options. Consider where you are heading from and where you want to stop on the way there. Getting to the Florida Keys is the hard part. Once you are in paradise, it will all feel natural.

With that being said, you still need a roadmap and some instinctual direction to make it there according to plan. Take advantage of your time out on the road. Think of everything ahead like food, gas stations, hotel pit stops, and potential intermittent sightseeing. Whichever direction you are heading from surely has some interesting places to check out. Carpe diem!

Plan fun tourist stops

Once you finally make it there, now is the time to really take in the sights on your trip. Keep in mind that you should never leave Florida without riding a jet ski, and this is especially true for motorcycle fans. It is essentially the equivalent of a water motorcycle.

Find some rental spots to hit up once you reach the ocean. Take an hour or two to ride the waves and get into the Florida mood. Jet ski rentals are super convenient — they allow you to have some fun and then conveniently drop off your jet ski so you can continue your voyage.

There are tons of fun vacation spots in Florida like Miami, Peanut Island, and countless beaches. When motorcycling through the area, you’ll have a chance to see a lot of Florida. Miami is easily the biggest spot for nightlife in the state. Peanut Island is perfect for a day filled with water sports of all types. You can try paddleboarding, surfing, and fishing all in one place. Whatever you do, don’t let the beautiful beaches and energy of Florida pass you by on your trip.

Whatever your reason for motorcycling through the Florida Keys, stop and smell the roses while you’re around. Remember these tips for a well-planned and adventurous trip of a lifetime.

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