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The Importance of Getting Your Family Outdoors This Summer



Summer is the perfect time to get outside. The Sun will be high, the weather will be warm, and the air will be crisp. As summer is quickly approaching, you may be planning how you and your family will be spending time outside this season. Whether you are planning a camping trip or a family hike, spending some time outdoors may benefit you and your family. Whatever you choose, here are a few reasons you may want to get your family out and about this summer.

Healthy Benefits

While there are many benefits to spending time outside, a few of them can directly improve your family’s health. For example, playing outside encourages physical activity and exercise. Spending time outdoors has a variety of physical health benefits, including:

  • Increased motor skill development
  • Enhanced sleep quality
  • Improved eye health
  • Increased Vitamin D levels (can improve immune function and bone health)

In addition to being beneficial for your physical health, spending time outside can also positively affect your mental health. For example, exposure to the sun can improve your attention and focus and help you recover from stress. Additionally, here are a few other mental health benefits you can enjoy from spending time outside:

  • Improved social relationships and communal ties
  • Improved emotional well-being

If your health concerns are preventing you from taking your family outside, there are a few tricks and tools that you can use for peace of mind. For example, you may want to consider investing in sunscreen, mobile fans, bug spray, and protective clothing, like a baby girl rash guard and wide-brimmed hats. These and other items will help ease your parenting mind while out in nature with your little ones.

A Great Way to Reconnect

Spending some time in the sun can also be a great way to connect or reconnect with others in a safe space. For example, consider including extended relatives you haven’t seen since the start of the pandemic.

Additionally, spending time outdoors can also increase your family’s cohesiveness. Outdoor activities that allow each member to participate and engage can improve or build strong connections. For example, a fishing trip may be the perfect place for a father and son to build their bond. Therefore, if you are looking for quality time with your loved ones, consider planning a trip outdoors.

Educational Opportunities

Another benefit of spending time in the great outdoors is the many life lessons learned in nature. A child learning to ride their bike may learn that failure does not mean defeat. Tending to a fallen bird can offer the lesson of empathy and compassion. In addition to the lessons that nature provides, think of all the new things you may see on your adventure. You may find a new happy place among the mountaintops or a new furry friend to keep you company.

Outdoor Activities

If you are hesitating about spending some time outdoors because you are not sure of what to do when you get out there, do not worry. There are many activities you and your family can partake in outdoors. Here are a few things you can do this summer:

  • Go for a walk
  • Have a Cookout
  • Take a Hike
  • Family Bike Ride
  • Have a Picnic
  • Go to the Park

One of the best things about spending time outside is the possibilities are endless. In the great outdoors, you can do just about anything. You can play sports, fly a kite, or build a treehouse. Whatever you choose to do, make sure to include the entire family for some extra fun under the sun.

Whether you are planning a vacation trip or looking to spend a moment outside, there are a wide variety of activities that you can enjoy; and a few benefits you can look forward to. For example, fresh air and sunlight can improve your mental and physical health. Getting outside may also provide you with some quality time with your loved ones. While your home may be filled with entertaining devices, you may want to plan on spending some time outside this summer for some fresh fun.

Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia

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