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General election: quarter would switch vote based on climate change policy



A survey has revealed that climate change policy is set to be crucial in this year’s general election, with over a quarter of Brits saying it could change who they vote for and the majority wanting strong action.

The poll, released by ComRes, questioned over 2,000 UK adults about their views on climate change and how it will affect their voting intentions. Some 28% they would change which party they intend to vote for if the party did not have a strong policy on tackling climate. The findings highlight how climate change and sustainability could be crucial to the outcome of the general election in May.

The number of people stating they would not vote for their intended party if they did not demonstrate strong policy on climate change was higher amongst the younger generation, with over a third of those aged between 18 and 34 agreeing with the statement, this compares to just 19% in people aged over 65.

In terms of parties, those intending to vote for Liberal Democrats or Labour are more likely be swayed than those planning to support Conservatives or UKIP.

The poll also revealed that some 63% are Brits are either ‘very’ or ‘fairly’ concerned about climate change. Furthermore, when thinking about the party they are most likely to vote for, two thirds of respondents want the leader of that party to take a lead internationally on tackling climate change.

The findings come in a year that will see world leaders meet in Paris and negotiate a global climate change deal and suggests that the public want a strong treaty that will avoid dangerous levels of climate change.

Photo: Martin Bamford via Flickr 

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