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IKEA becomes first major global retailer to offer full LED lighting range



Home furnishing retailer IKEA today announced it will become the first major global retailer to offer a 100 per cent LED lighting range when the brand’s LED roll-out completes in September 2015.

IKEA LED offers a range of benefits compared to previous incandescent varieties:

* Use 85% less energy

* Last up to twenty times longer

* Have a 25,000 hour lifetime per bulb

* Free from Mercury

* Come in a range of sizes allowing for new design solutions

Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Office, IKEA Group said: “We’re dedicated to helping our customers live a more sustainable life at home with simple solutions, which is why we’re so proud of our fully LED lighting range. By switching to LED our customers will use up to 85 per cent less energy which will not only reduce their carbon footprint but also help them combat rising energy prices.

“Cutting down on energy consumption shouldn’t mean cutting down on style, which is why we’ve embraced LED technology and worked hard to make products that are beautiful, sustainable and affordable, so our customers can love LED as much as we do.”

By adopting LED solutions within the home, a British household using an average of 10 bulbs across the home will be able to combat rising energy prices by saving up to £300 off their annual bill.

What’s more, over the 25,000 hour lifetime of an IKEA 13W LED an owner stands to save £247 per bulb.

IKEA and its suppliers have been working to improve the performance of LED technology to ensure it offers a sustainable, affordable, high quality and design conscious solution for customers switching from incandescent lighting.

The bulbs also come in a variety of shapes and sizes which allow for new design solutions that wouldn’t have been possible with incandescent bulbs, allowing for lighting to be placed within furniture or for more intricate interior design with embedded lighting.

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