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Renewable energy job industry to benefit contractors across Europe



As Europe enforces tighter emission targets for 2020, renewable energy development to reduce carbon emissions will continue the steady growth of the sustainable energy industry, benefiting contractors across the EU.

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A report by Procorre, an international professional services consultancy, has highlighted the trend. The report describes how the UK, Netherlands and France are particularly falling behind the rest of Europe in achieving their renewable energy targets for 2020.

The UK’s consumption of renewable energy resources only amounts to 4.2% of its total energy consumption, which is behind its set target of 15%.

This is reflected by the Netherlands, which has only achieved 4.5% in renewable energy consumption, sharing the same target of 15%. France, which has a target of 23% sustainable energy consumption, has only achieved 13.4%.

Procorre have subsequently predicted a rapid increase in the renewable job marketplace, adding that the EU commission predict an increase of 400,000 jobs in the clean energy industry over a nine year period.

“As new technologies are developed, the use of resources, such as biomass, is becoming more efficient and economically viable,” said Lisa Mangan, relationship manager at Procorre.

“I would expect to see huge growth in the number of new roles for contractors in this area throughout Europe.”

“Politicians have long talked about increased production of renewable energy creating a growth in the jobs market. Contractors throughout Europe are already benefitting from that growth of the renewable energy industry.”

Scandinavia has proven to be ahead of the EU, with 65% of Norway’s energy consumption coming from renewable energy resources and 50% in Sweden. This has attracted large numbers of international contractors, expanding the market rapidly as the government invests heavily into the industry.

Mangan added, “Denmark is [also] aiming to generate 100% of its energy from renewable resources by 2050. To do this it will need to increase the amount of day-day jobs in the renewable sector even further. This will cause a huge shift in the energy job market, which contractors are likely to benefit from.”

Photo source: News Oresund via flickr

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