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Scottish independence: one week to go



With just one week until Scots take to the polls to decide if they want to remain part of the union or become an independent country, we’re asking our readers what they think.

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Our latest website poll asks readers: Should Scotland be an independent country? ahead of the  referendum on September 18. The debate between unionists and nationalists has grown increasingly heated in the run up to the big day, with areas such as currency, economy and natural resources being contested on both sides.

A poll released last week suggested that the ‘Yes’ campaign has taken the lead for the first time. The survey excluded voters that had yet to make up their mind but found that 51% of those questioned were in favour of Scotland becoming an independent country.

Support for the ‘Yes’ campaign received a major boost following a second televised debate between Scotland first minister Alex Salmond and leader of the Better Together campaign Alistair Darling.

Photo: Barney Moss via Flickr 

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