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Scottish independence: what the papers say



At the Scottish independence referendum draws nearer, the debate between unionists and nationalists has been dominating headlines. On September 18, Scots will take to the polls and decide if they want to remain part of the UK or become an independent country.

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Reporting on the latest public polls, the Guardian notes that outcomes have varied, suggesting that the final result will be close. Over the last few days one poll has suggested that the ‘Yes’ vote was eight points in the lead but this was followed by another showing the ‘No’ campaign had gained ground. The closeness of the results indicates that undecided voters could play a crucial role.

Another article in the Telegraph profiles ten key issues in the debate, including currency, public spending and taxation, oil and the monarchy. The list sets out both sides of the argument and gives a verdict.

When it comes to currency, a highly debated area, Nationalists insists that an independent Scotland would use the pound whilst Westminster says there will be no currency union. The Telegraph’s verdict is, “Westminster is telling the trust and a Yes vote would be squabbling, confusion and economic instability.”

The newspaper also ran an opinion piece on the subject, which claims that the ‘Yes’ campaign is “every bit as dodgy as [the] Iraq dossier”.

The Independent meanwhile has taken a look at the what would happen to the NHS if Scotland voted in favour of independence, after Ed Miliband claimed it would face £1 billion budget cuts.

The newspaper also highlighted that Scotland’s first minister Alex Salmond, who has spearheaded the ‘Yes’ vote, has pledged not to bring back another referendum if Scots decide to back the union.

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