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Top articles of April 2014



Supervolcanoes and the threat they pose to the UK was the most popular story of April 2014, followed by a scientific study stating that it is 99.9% certain that climate change is caused by human activity.

Supervolcanoes the biggest threat to the UK, Cabinet Office report warns

Tom Revell: The single biggest threat to the UK may not be terrorism, nuclear war, economic collapse or even climate change, but the eruption of an Icelandic supervolcano, according to a new report commissioned by the Cabinet Office. Read more.

New study 99.9% certain climate change is not a natural phenomenon

Tom Revell: What are the odds that climate change is the work of natural processes, rather than human activity? As small as one in a thousand, according to a new scientific study based on empirical evidence. Read more.

Smog slowly subsides across UK, but city air pollution remains

Nicky Stubbs: The high levels of pollution have subsided across many parts of the UK, after the most vulnerable were told to stay indoors and avoid heavy exercise for the best part of a week. Read more.

IPCC report was altered by governments, says author

Ilaria Bertini: A business professor at Harvard University has claimed that almost 75% of a UN climate report’s section on climate negotiations was deleted on the request of governments’ officials and warned that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) risks losing its “scientific integrity”. Read more.

‘Huge milestone’ for renewables as US navy turns seawater into fuel

Ilaria Bertini: The US navy has managed to combine hydrogen and carbon dioxide from seawater to create a renewable fuel that allows ships to stay at sea for longer periods. Read more.

Photo: Monika via Flickr

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