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Top articles of March 2014



During March 2014 SeaWorld hit the headlines following claims of focusing on profit over animal welfare. The ‘carbon bubble’ investment risk also became news when oil company Shell predicted a fall in profits.

Petition to ‘stop SeaWorld from imprisoning whales for profit’ passes 200,000 signatures

Alex Blackburne: A petition to make it illegal for Californian marine parks or zoos to use orca whales for entertainment purposes has gathered 200,000 signatures. Read more.

Investors warn of ‘carbon bubble’ as Shell predicts climate regulation will hit profits

Tom Revell: Oil giant Royal Dutch Shell has warned that its profits are likely to be affected by international efforts to curb climate change, as campaigners say investors should steer clear of fossil fuel stocks. Read more.

1m people sign petition to ban SeaWorld’s ‘whale imprisonment’

Nicky Stubbs: An online petition set up to force SeaWorld to release orcas from captivity has attracted support from over 1m people. But the Californian marine park chain has hit back after reportedly hiring a former BP lobbyist to help fight its corner. Read more.

Scientists discover four new manmade ozone-depleting gases

Ilaria Bertini: Four new manmade gases, possibly derived from chemicals in insecticides and solvents, have been found to be damaging the ozone layer, which helps filter harmful ultraviolet rays. Read more.

Climate change could reduce crop yields as soon as 2030

Tom Revell: Climate change will hit crop yields in temperate and tropical regions earlier than first thought, a new study has found. Read more.

Photo: Olivier Bruchez via Flickr

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