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Top articles of September 2014



Back in September, a saltwater-powered sports car was approved for EU roads, David Attenborough warned of the ‘escalating erosion of wildlife’, and claims stated that Richard Branson failed to deliver on his climate pledge.

Saltwater-powered sports car approved for EU roads

Tom Revell: An environmentally-friendly sports car powered by saltwater has been approved for testing on EU roads. Read more.

Author claims Richard Branson has failed to deliver on $3bn climate pledge

Charlotte Malone: Richard Branson has failed to deliver on a pledge to spend $3 billion (£1.8bn) on climate action over a ten-year period from 2006, according to author and activist Naomi Klein in her new book. Klein argues that this demonstrates that relying on the world of big business to address climate change is “hypocrisy”. Read more.

Festivals play a crucial role in switching on our environmental antennas

Francesca Baker: As Glastonbury 2013 gets underway, Francesca Baker reflects on how festivals can inspire a generation of environmentally-aware individuals. Read more.

TED talks: How to grow a tiny forest anywhere – Shubhendu Sharma

Tom Revell: In this short, informative TED talk, entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma demonstrates how we can grow small forests that mature 10 times faster than typical forests, and grow 30% denser and are 100 times more biodiverse. Read more.

Sir David Attenborough warns of the ‘escalating erosion of wildlife’

Richard Heasman: Naturalist Sir David Attenborough has warned, ahead of the Conference for Nature in London, that the continued destruction of the environment “threatens us all”. However, he insists we still have a chance to save it. Read more.

Photo: Riley Kaminer via Flickr

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