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UK and China to share expertise on sustainable cities



UK experts are to travel to China and deliver workshops on sustainable cities and regeneration strategies, as the Asian country’s huge urban population is set to grow while its pollution crises worsens.

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The seminars are being delivered as part of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s China Prosperity Strategic Programme Fund, which is aimed at creating the best conditions for global growth. Key areas within the fund include climate change prevention and transitioning to a low carbon economy.

The UK’s Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) notes that as the world’s population continues to grow the principles of sustainable development can be overlooked. The organisation adds the impacts of climate change on urban areas is seen as a major threat in terms of the economy, environmental stability and social issues.

Kate Henderson, TCPA chief executive, commented, “As more and more people across the world migrate from rural to urban areas, seeking jobs and homes, we must ensure our large scale towns and cities grow sustainably.

“This means delivering a whole range of facilities, such as schools and public transport, alongside employment areas and housing as these communities expand.”

She continued that the organisation in particular looked forward to sharing the latest thinking on garden cities, which can provide high quality, beautiful and climate resilient urban centres for both new communities and areas that are being regenerated.

“We hope the experience of planning and place-shaping in Britain will prove hugely valuable for helping Chinese stakeholders in their decision making, and are delighted to have the opportunity to share knowledge and skills across the global planning professions,” Henderson added. 

Photo: Mark Ramsay via Flickr 

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