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Vote for Policies crowdfunding campaign tops £3,000



In the few days since Vote for Polices launched its crowdfunding campaign, almost 60 people have pledged £3,305. The campaign aims to raise £20,000 ahead of the 2015 general election so that more people can use the service to judge where they are on the political spectrum.

Vote for Polices, which was set up in 2010, presents users with a series of polices from a wide variety of issues, such as environment, crime, education and immigration. Users then select which set of policies they most agree with and at the end are shown which political party their values and beliefs are aligned with.

The service aims to strip away the bias and spin that is often in the media in the run up to a general election, allowing voters to focus on what is important – policies. By engaging with voters, it is hoped that Vote for Polices will encourage more people to use their vote – as a third of the population didn’t vote in the last general election – and create a more sustainable democracy.

Backers of the campaign will be helping Vote for Polices increase their scope by building a faster website, which will be able to handle large volumes of traffic, incorporating parties from Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and funding a marketing campaign.

Over 280,000 people used the service in the six weeks to the 2010 election and this year the target is set for 5 million. To support Vote for Policies click here.

Photo: Paul Wilkinson via Flickr

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