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Po-Zu, the UK’s number one Ethical Shoe Brand, launches crowdfunding campaign to fund international expansion

Po-Zu Luan Brisk

Po-Zu, a London-based award-winning ethical and sustainable footwear brand, is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise £150,000. Po-Zu is ranked as the UK’s number one Ethical Shoe Brand by The Ethical Company Organisation.

Po-Zu is raising investment through the equity crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube. Projections show a possible return on investment of 519% over 4 years. The money raised will be used to help fund further international expansion, including in the US and Europe, with increased advertising and marketing and the development of the wholesale side of the business. 2016 will also see the launch of exciting new ranges for both women and men, developed in response to customer feedback.

People can invest from as little as £10, and there are a range of reward packages on offer, including Po-Zu shoes, and even a trip to Portugal to see the shoes being made with founder, Sven Segal. The campaign runs until 24th Dec and the campaign page is here.

Po-Zu, founded in North London in 2006, is an ethical and ecological shoe brand pioneer. The shoes are made using carefully selected natural materials that are healthy for feet, safe for all the workers throughout their supply chain, and kind to the environment. Its shoes are distinguished by its unique coconut Foot Mattress,  which provides exceptional comfort. The company has a worldwide customer base of fans of its comfortable, stylish shoes, including in Germany, USA, Japan and Australia, and has collaborated with brands such as Timberland and Maharishi.

Sven Segal said: “We’re excited to be offering this opportunity for people to become shareholders in Po-Zu, and share in and contribute to the success of the business. We’ve proven that it’s possible to make shoes in an ethical, sustainable way. We want to be able to continue to expand, to increase our positive impact as well as the number of people who can enjoy the unique experience of wearing our shoes.”

Po-Zu is an ethical and ecological shoe brand pioneer. Their shoes are made using carefully selected natural materials that are healthy for feet, safe for all the workers throughout their supply chain, and kind to the environment.

As part of its sustainable strategy Po-Zu donates 3% from every online sale to one of its four environmental charity partners, while letting their customers decide to which charity the donation should go.

Po-Zu runs small-scale production lines in partnership with their Portuguese factory, which upholds a strict non-toxic policy, operates on 72% renewable energy, and recycles over 95% of their industrial waste.

In order to provide exceptional comfort, Po-Zu has applied a unique biomimicry design into its bouncy Foot-Mattress, based on the coconut husk’s natural shock-absorber property. Their well-considered shoe construction also eliminates the need to use harmful glues by stitching all the components together, which makes their shoes more breathable, durable, repairable and recyclable.

Following the brand’s commitment to produce products that are as non-toxic as possible, Po-Zu launched in 2007 a shoe cream that is so safe it can be eaten. Apart from treating leather, the Edible Shoe Cream is also an all-in-one beauty product that can be used as a lip balm, skin moisturizer, hair conditioner, massage oil and cooking oil. You can even spread it on toast for a nutritious snack.

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