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Ethical Rankings Released Regarding Computer Companies and Products



The Ethical Company Organisation today releases the much anticipated Ethical Rankings for PC’s, laptops and tablets.

There are numerous ethical issues surrounding technology today.  We live in a throw-away culture where products are regularly upgraded to the latest model, or even thrown out when they could be fixed, which has immense environmental and human rights implications.  From sourcing the materials which go into the products, the people working in the factories making them through to  the ever-growing problem of electronic waste – we all have a responsibility to put pressure on manufacturers to improve these issues.  One easy way to do this is by making an ethical choice using the latest research published on The Good Shopping Guide – and the good news is, often there is very little price difference (see example on following page).

Top line research findings:

·         Of the big well-known brands, Acer is the highest ranking company with an Ethical Company Index (ECI) score of 96

·         All the brands in the ‘X’ column score poorly for human rights issue

·         Samsung, Kindle (Amazon) and HP are the lowest scoring

·         Both Samsung and Apple continue to attract criticisms for human rights breaches within their supply chains

·         Samsung’s involvement in Nuclear and Armaments result in being the lowest scoring company within the research

However, the good news is as follows: there are now a number of alternative ethical choices when it comes to PC, Laptops and Tablets. See below:

·         Iameco, Aleutia, Broadleaf, Tiny Green PC and Tranquil all rank highly and are recommended as ethical choices

·         All these companies’ products have excellent environmental credentials, both in the product build themselves through to the day-to-day running of the machines

To view the Ethical Ranking Tables (summarised and detailed) and for full details of the ratings, visit:


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