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How to Prep Your Computer for a New Year



The start of the New Year brings about all kinds of fresh starts, one of which can be a fresh new start where your computer is concerned. This is the perfect time to prep your computer as you head into a new work or school year and make sure it is performing at its optimum level, and not using more energy than needs be.

However, it’s more than just its performance it’s also a great excuse to organise all those files, documents, photos, and videos you have stored on it.  Keep reading for some tips that will help you prep your computer, and hopefully save you some energy in the process.

Think About Storage Options

If you’ve been storing all your content on the computer’s hard drive, it’s time to consider other options. Storing files, documents, pictures, and videos on your computer will begin to slow down its performance, it will use up space, and you run the risk of losing all that content should something happen with your computer.

These among other reasons are why people turn to cloud storage through a third party. One option is to go with JustCloud, which allows you to store your content in the cloud and have access to it whenever and wherever you want. Finding a positive JustCloud review is simple, as there are glowing reviews after glowing reviews available. Be sure to ask about pricing and space available as you look into cloud options.

Delete Old, Duplicated, and Unwanted Content

Most of us are guilty of keeping content that is old, duplicated, and unwanted simply because we forget it’s there. The New Year is a time of getting yourself organised and purging. You may be surprised at how much space you are able to free up on your computer simply by deleting unwanted files. If you’re having a hard time finding duplicate files there are various software programs you can download that will do all the work for you.

Empty the Cache

Here’s a spot that really starts to back up and bog down your computer if you aren’t clearing it on a regular basis. Your computer stores all kinds of temporary files on a regular daily basis. The more you use the computer the more files are stored. By clearing these files you should see an instant boost in speed.

Organise Your Folders

Through the year, we create folders here and there and the fact is that these folders may not be as helpful as you first intended. Perhaps you need more folders, sub-folders, different names for the folders, etc. The folders are meant to help you stay organised so if they aren’t doing their job, then it’s time to make changes to the way you use them.

Clean Up Bookmarks

The amount of bookmarks people have saved on their browser can be rather large as well. Make sure these are bookmarks you still want and consider using folders to organise them better.

By following each of these steps you and your computer will be ready for a fresh new start in the year. Taking an organised approach will allow you to be more efficient and allow the computer to run more effectively, enabling you to get more done in a shorter amount of time, and finally lowering your energy bills.



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