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What is the Best Way to Transform a Business and Go Green?



It is already well-established that the current models of production and consumption are unsustainable and the world will soon face a tipping point where it no longer has the resources to support the demands of its population. That is why going green and switching to more sustainable habits is important – but many businesses have yet to make the leap.

While there are many ways in which to transform a business to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, the best of those are:

Saving paper by using digital alternatives

The amount of paper that is used and discarded on a daily basis by businesses is staggering – especially when you consider the cost, in terms of deforestation. Fortunately it is one of the easiest areas in which to embrace sustainability by simply using digital alternatives.

By migrating the bulk of your businesses day to day processes onto digital platforms, you will be able to make a significant step in a green direction.

Replacing disposable equipment, tools, and materials with reusable alternatives

Most businesses use various types of disposal goods. That includes cardboard or polystyrene boxes used for transportation, paper tissues in toilets, plastic bags, and so on. When these disposable items are replaced with reusable alternatives, it could help the business save on costs while also improving its sustainability.

For businesses that transport goods, switching from packaging that only lasts a single trip (such as cardboard boxes) to a reusable alternative (such as plastic crates or pallets) will require an upfront investment, but will pay for itself in short order. In this case, plastic crates will also protect goods that are being transported much better than cardboard ever could.

Conserving heating in the office space

One area that is a constant problem in colder climates is heating. The gas consumption required to heat even a moderately-sized office space constantly is not sustainable – but going without heating isn’t an option either.

The solution is to find a middle ground and conserve heating within the office space as far as possible. By only turning on the heating at the start of the day and then trapping heat within the office, a compromise of sorts can be reached.

Starting an office food recycling bin

Food wastage is a big issue everywhere – including offices. Not only is a lot of food thrown away, but quite a sizable amount of the food that is thrown away is actually perfectly good.

By starting a food recycling bin, at very least the food that is thrown away will be able to be composted and put to use. More importantly however, it will create awareness of the food that is being thrown away, and hopefully discourage wastage.

All of these measures are generally quite easy to implement in any business and yet cumulatively they can have a huge impact. If you are looking for a way to transform your business and go green – implementing these steps is definitely a good place to start.


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