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Startup Guide London Set For Release Startup Guide London Set For Release


Startup Guide London Set For Release



The new Startup Guide London, aimed at helping entrepreneurs set up and grow their businesses in London, and promoting London as Europe’s leading startup hub post the EU Referendum is due to launch Thursday 15 December.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has written the foreword to the guide, praising London’s fast-growing, diverse and international startup scene.

Sadiq Khan said: “London is – as it always has been – where the world comes to do business. We are home to some of the world’s great institutions of banking, insurance and consulting. A city of innovation, of ideas and of exciting new talent; our future is bright as a world leader in digital technology.

A city of innovation, of ideas and of exciting new talent; our future is bright as a world leader in digital technology

I’m passionate about supporting digital technology and innovation, and I am committed to doing everything that I can to share the message that London is Open with the world’s brightest minds and best ideas. We will do everything possible to help our tech sector to flourish, and I hope to see many more great tech companies and entrepreneurs coming to London to start and grow their businesses.”

The Startup Guide London covers inspirational startups, accelerators, incubators, support programmes, co-working spaces, service providers, interviews with experts from the startup scene and essential information on how to live and work as an entrepreneur in London, to connect, inspire and empower entrepreneurs to be more successful at starting and growing businesses in the City.

A key aim of the Startup Guide London is to market London internationally as Europe’s number one startup hotspot with over 2,000 startups, thirty accelerator programmes, and attracting record levels of VC funding, to reinforce the Mayor’s #LondonIsOpen global campaign, following the EU Referendum.

The Startup Guide will be sold through 30-40 international retail channels (offline and online).

The Startup Guide London is produced by, an international creative content publisher of Startup Guides to leading European cities, in partnership with London- based tech-space strategy and innovation consultancy newmedia2.0.

“The Startup Guide London is the seventh city guide we have produced and, like the others, it offers invaluable information to future entrepreneurs who are seeking information to navigate a dynamic and constantly growing startup scene like London, ” said Sissel Hansen, CEO of Startup Everywhere.”

”We work with startups and scaleups from the UK and internationally across the London startup ecosystem. They all need answers to the same questions. The Startup Guide London does exactly that. We hope that with this Guide we can help accelerate the process of setting up and growing a business in London”, says Jeanette Carlsson, CEO, newmedia2.0.


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