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Finance giant UBS: ‘sustainable investment has entered the mainstream’



Leading financial services firm UBS has released a report that outlines its commitment to sustainable investment – which it says “has entered the mainstream”.

The report uses research projects that have been carried out within the firm. It draws upon the conclusions of these to reiterate the significance of sustainability and the value that such practices can bring to the business.

The report says that an “unsustainable credit fuelled growth”, along with other factors, created the “greatest financial crisis of our time”. As such, there is unanimous consensus within the industry and among its professionals that the “unsustainable economic and industry trends cannot be allowed to continue”.

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Speaking directly about what sustainable investment can bring for investors and business alike, the report outlines the performance differences. It mentions research which suggests companies that focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, or a broader social responsibility commitment, can improve access to finance.

The report concludes, “Sustainable investing has entered the mainstream, offering investors competitive investment results, the ability to make a beneficial impact on the world in which they live and an avenue for expressing their values through their investments.”

UBS is a global financial firm which provides consultation on wealth and asset management and is the largest multinational bank in Switzerland. In 2012, the company was fined £940m for “unethical behaviour” relating to the Libor scandal

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