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Green deal has boosted energy efficiency in the UK, says government



According to a new researchby the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), homeowners across the UK have been influenced by the green deal scheme to improve the energy efficiency of their properties.

Its survey found that 47% of those who received green deal advice before March 2013 said they were having energy savings measures installed, while the majority (more than 70%) said the assessment was a positive experience.

More than half of respondents (68%) said that they had decided to make energy saving changes to save money, while 38% mentioned environmental reasons.

Energy secretary Edward Davey said, All the signs are that British householders are motivated by energy efficiency. In an era of rising energy prices, the benefits are obvious.

Last week we saw evidence that energy efficiency adds a premium to property values. Now we have evidence that green deal assessments are leading to householders investing in energy saving measures.”

He added, “This is great news for the energy efficiency industry as well, because this shows a genuine appetite among householders for more energy efficient homes.”

The green deal has come under fire in the past, having been linked to a drop in cavity wall insulation measures. Concerns have also been raised over the future saleability of houses that had green deal loans attached to them.

Energy minister Greg Barker said, It’s fantastic to see that green deal assessments are leading to people taking action to make their homes more efficient. This is a long-term programme that will last for years and decades, but we’re already seeing evidence that people are aspiring to improve their properties, make them more efficient and take control of their energy bills.”

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