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Innovators Bring Blue Economy Workshop to London



Sustainability pioneers Bibi Gratzer and Alexander Prinsen have created a workshop based around a Blue Economy. The workshop explores the future of sustainability through the philosophies and practical applications of the Blue Economy. The two innovators from Austria and the Netherlands are hosting their event in London on Saturday 2 July called Discover the future: the now and how of sustainable business.

This interactive conversation is being held in a hive of new thinking, at the Machines Room, which is East London’s makerspace for anyone who wants the space and tools to do things.  The workshop will cover Blue Economy principles and business models, where, for example, you will learn about how gravity could fulfil all our energy needs, and how innovation can be driven by nature through “Biomimicry”.

Bibi Gratzer said: “I have always felt that there was something missing in the way we ‘thought’ and ‘did’ sustainability. After years of research, I am thrilled to say that I have found some answers and I am delighted to share some of my findings. We welcome anybody who is curious about how the world is already being positively changed environmentally, and those who are ready to take sustainable leadership.”

Based on Systems Thinking, the Blue Economy is not only a holistic entrepreneurial framework, it is a new way of driving our economy. An economy in which waste doesn’t exist and costs are turned into profit centres; there is no garbage, only unused nutrients. It about following what nature invites us to learn and creating resilience with multiple income streams, interlinked but not dependent on each other.

The early bird tickets, priced at £65+ booking fee for this event finish on June 27, with full price tickets being £85. Further details about the event, and how to book can be found here.


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