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How to Make Your Existing Building Energy Efficient



The truth is, newly constructed buildings are more energy efficient than older buildings. But there are things you can do to better manage your energy usage. You may need to hire an energy consultant who can recommend and implement solutions that will benefit your business. But in any case, we’ve listed below some practical energy management measures that are suitable for existing buildings:


– You can replace old light bulbs with Energy Star certified CFLs or LEDs that will not only reduce electricity consumption but will also improve light quality.

– Let natural light enter your building. You can do this by opening curtains and blinds the whole day and only turn on the lights when it’s already dark outside.

– Install sensors that will detect if anyone is using the room. That will ensure lights will only be turned on if the room is occupied and it will shut itself off when no one’s around.

Maintenance and Operations

– You can request for energy audits which can be done by your electric utility company or you can also request for an audit by a professional energy consultant. They can pinpoint areas where your building systems are no longer working efficiently and bring them back to optimum performance.

– Repair leaking faucets. Plumbing leaks can translate to hundreds of gallons of wasted water annually.

– Replace old equipment. You can purchase products that are more modern and energy efficient including cooking equipment, electronics and office equipment.

Heating and Cooling

– If possible, replace old HVAC systems with Energy Star certified systems.

– Tune up your heating and cooling systems regularly so they can continue to work optimally even after years of use.

– Plug air leaks by means of caulking and weather stripping.

– Add insulation to your windows and doors. You can also opt for reflective roof coating to reduce the utilization of energy.

What’s In It For You?

A common misconception is that becoming energy efficient is not sustainable. The fact of the matter is that making your building “green” makes good business sense. Here are the benefits of making the switch:

  1. Cut your overhead expenses. By opting to become energy efficient, you can save thousands of dollars a year in your energy bill.
  1. Lower your building’s carbon footprint. Greenhouse gas emissions hasten climate change and by choosing to go green, you are doing your part to help the environment.
  1. Strengthen your image. Whether you are an individual, brand or organization, your commitment to energy efficiency will go a long way in boosting your image and attracting more business. People are now environmentally aware and they are always willing to support companies that are taking a greener approach to managing their energy usage.

Choosing to improve your building’s energy performance is not just about being able to lower your energy expenses. It’s also about being responsible and doing your part to help save our planet. Learn how you can make your existing more efficient in utilizing energy today and reap the benefits.


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