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four tips to make your home eco-friendlier four tips to make your home eco-friendlier


4 Great Improvements for Green & Energy Efficient Homes

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More and more people are concerned about how they live, what they buy, eat, and drink, and how the world and civilization affect our environment. In fact, 40% of people made their New Year’s resolution to live greener lifestyles.

This is the perfect time to make this change, because there are so many companies and factories operating, waterways are getting harmed, pollution is getting worse, and some ecosystems are getting destroyed. With all of this in mind, more and more people wish to do something to help save at least a small portion of our environment. There are actually a number of other benefits of living green as well.

If you want to improve your home, make it greener, and increase its energy efficiency, keep reading because you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the amazing green home improvements to help you get started, so check them out and get to work.

Insulation of Your Attic and Walls

Adding insulation is one great way to help the planet. Proper insulation can significantly increase your comfort and save you enough money on energy. Your home’s energy efficiency will potentially rise if the attic and walls are properly insulated. Because of that, you should initially spend money on good insulation.

Choosing types of insulation for roof and walls for your home can be difficult, so it may be best to consult a professional. Upgrading the insulation in your attic if it is unfinished, is a very good idea. You’ll notice an immediate improvement. However, if your house contains wall cavities rather than wall insulation, you should choose blown-in insulation because it can reduce energy use and increase comfort. Keep in mind that a well-insulated home is an environmental win.

Install Innovative Technologies to Save Energy

We live in the new era of the Internet and technological advancements. Nowadays you can install things like motion detectors near your outdoors so that the light turns on only when someone is near it and in this way you will save electricity and therefore reduce your energy bill.

You can connect home security systems to smart home technology. So you can control your home online, using different programs or apps, like a time switch used to regulate the HVAC systems. These will let you turn the lights on or off from your smartphone or any other mobile device. Also, you can control your cameras and security systems from where you are in the world. New technologies will help you save energy and protect your home from potential intruders.

 Solar Panels

Solar energy is a relatively new method of powering a home that has quickly gained popularity around the world. So far, around 2 million homes in the United States have solar panels installed. However, we can help the planet by having more people use them.

Solar energy is the use of the Sun’s radiant light and heat to generate electricity, solar thermal energy, and solar architecture. In other words, solar panels convert sunlight into energy, avoiding the need for traditional electricity sources.

Investing in solar panels is a wise decision for any homeowner who wants to lower their energy bills and gain more control over their energy consumption. Especially if you live where it is sunny whether traditional electricity sources are not required thanks to the conversion of sunlight into energy by solar panels. Solar panels can help you save money over time because they eliminate the need to deal with rising or variable electricity costs. They can also help you reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

We cannot live without our appliances. There are so many of them nowadays, and we all use at least five of them. Consider an upgrade if your appliances are older or older models that barely work. Look for energy-efficient and A-rated appliances. These are much more efficient and can save you a significant amount of energy, lowering everything from your bills to your carbon footprint.

A new boiler should be considered in addition to a new fridge, freezer, washing machine, and dryer. Older boilers that are inefficient only operate at 55% efficiency or less. That is why you should consider replacing it with a newer, more efficient one and increasing its functionality to nearly 100%.

As you can see, there are many great ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home, but these are unquestionably the finest. Even if you choose one of them, you will be saving a lot of money while also helping the environment. This article should have taught you something and made you more conscious of how you use resources.

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