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Blackpool Tower Aiming To Cut Water & Energy Usage With Innovative New Trial Blackpool Tower Aiming To Cut Water & Energy Usage With Innovative New Trial


Blackpool Tower Aiming To Cut Water & Energy Usage With Innovative New Trial



Minimise solutions have be chosen by Merlin Entertainments to complete a water and energy efficiency and compliance review of the iconic Blackpool Tower. A report analysing all data will be provided by EEVS Insight, the UK leader in IPMVP measurement and verification services and will be released following the trial.

As part of the trial, Minimise Solutions has installed a real-time granular monitoring system. This has been linked to both water and electricity meters and is monitoring and collecting data from specific circuits, facilities and equipment.

The system will collect data from across the entire estate, which incorporates five attractions: The Tower, The Tower Eye with the associated SkyWalk, The Tower Ballroom, The Tower Circus and the Tower Dungeon. It also includes a 4D cinema and is home to a wide range of places to eat and shop.

Under the trial, Minimise will monitor existing lights, providing the information needed to inform the cost profile and identify potential savings that could be achieved by upgrading to energy efficient LEDs.

Boiler optimisation opportunities will be reviewed and washroom water and energy use will also come under scrutiny, with toilet flushing and hand dryer data captured in key areas.

Reducing water and energy consumption in high use washroom areas represents a real opportunity for Merlin. To inform washroom efficiencies, Minimise has installed a number of new water and energy efficient products across the site. These include an Energy Efficient Hand Dryer and three waterless urinals.

Data from these new systems is also being captured by the Minimise Monitoring System to provide Merlin Entertainments with comparative data at the end of the trial.

As well as water and energy efficiency, the Minimise team is also reviewing water management and compliance with a specific focus on legionella. Minimise will consider current compliance regimes across the estate, identifying whether remote monitoring and recording could be used to drive improvements and improve facilities management productivity.

The trial runs from July to October 2016.