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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 6 August headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Tidal Lagoon Swansea Bay: the mastering of the tide

Top PR firms rule out working with climate deniers

Letter to the editor: on the war against antimicrobial resistance

Call to stop London Zoo evening events amid worries over animal distress

Portland City Council to create socially responsible investment committee


5 August headlines

Salmond on defensive over keeping sterling

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond was forced on the defensive over the question of what currency an independent Scotland would use during a closely watched televised debate between the heads of the rival campaigns on Tuesday night. Financial Times

Energy price riggers to face jail under new proposals

Anyone found guilty of rigging wholesale gas and electricity prices faces up to two years in jail, under new proposals by the government. BBC

Pension reforms prompt more saving for retirement, says LCP

Radical reform of the UK pension system announced in the Budget has already encouraged pension saving, according to pensions expert LCP. LCP, in its annual report on the pensions market, said the outlook was at its brightest for many years. BBC.

Dirtiest Fuel Threatens 700-Year-Old Villages in Europe

Europe’s energy dilemma — burning the dirtiest coal while meeting pollution targets — is crystallizing in opposition to a plan that would uproot 700- year-old villages and dig two pits the size of Manhattan. Bloomberg.

Obama: not a single CEO I talk to denies climate change

It’s hard to discern what lies at the root of climate deniers’ logic. But an argument often heard against addressing climate change is that doing so would add unnecessary costs to corporations. US President Barack Obama says that argument doesn’t make any sense, because, according to him, the corporations themselves acknowledge climate change is occurring. Business Insider.


Interesting picks

Most supermarket chicken contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria, says FSAIndependent 

UK to explore Bitcoin use – OsborneBBC

Reducing Carbon by Curbing PopulationNew York Times 


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