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Why Changing Energy Providers Is Good For The Environment And Your Pocket



Changing energy providers doesn’t have to be the ‘big headache’ that many people may think it is. It is now far easier to change your energy providers, and if you do make a switch you will not just save money but you could actually be doing some good for the environment too.

When it comes to energy suppliers there are dozens of different energy companies that people have the choice to choose from in the UK. There are half a dozen of energy suppliers that provide around 90 per cent of all household’s gas and electricity. Yet more and more people have decided to switch suppliers, as they have found energy providers who offer cheaper tariffs and some even tend to use greener energy too. There has never been a better or easier time to switch energy providers which could save many money as well as fuel, ultimately leading to a reduction of your household’s carbon footprint as well.

In far recent years there has been a growing trend of smaller energy companies rocking the market and tariffs are becoming far more competitive. As there is so much choice out there those who really care about the environment can find plenty of companies who offer green tariffs, and by simply switching your energy provider you can find a supplier who cares about the same things you do. If reducing your carbon footprint is highly important to you there are plenty of providers who have invested in using renewable energy which will ultimately make your household far more eco-friendly.

Smaller companies don’t just offer normal gas and electricity tariffs, but the majority offer green tariffs. Companies like Good Energy sources its electricity from UK renewables, not only does the company’s tariffs actually cost far less than other tariffs that are available but they have been voted the best green electricity supplier by Ethical Consumer’s Survey.

If you are switching energy providers it is now the easiest it has ever been. The simplest and best way to switch energy bills is to use an online service. There are companies like Flipper who aren’t a comparison site but actually analyse your gas and electricity consumption. They monitor your usage with your current supplier, and then automatically switch to the best provider based on your usage, not just saving you time but money as well.

When it comes to switching energy suppliers it can be difficult knowing which supplier you can trust, especially if you are actively seeking out providers who make the most out of green energy. But with companies like Flipper who analyse your usage they are not just highly trusted but are dedicated in only offering energy suppliers that are the best for you. So you can have the best of both worlds with the option of having an energy supplier that suits both your pocket and your ethics, without all the hassle.