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Investing Opportunities in Renewables for Socially Conscious Investors

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Global warming, pollution and exhaustion of energy resources are the hot topics these days. Weather patterns have changed all over the globe that is resulting in floods in few parts of the world and drought conditions in others. The average temperature has increased considerably as compared to last century or so, thanks to the greenhouse effect. The ice is melting rapidly from areas like arctic and Atlantic that is increasing ocean and sea level. This can easily drown several small islands in just a few decades.

In order to prevent all such hazards from happening, the support and practical usage of renewable energy resources are increasing with the passage of time. The concept has been accepted widely from every part of the globe. Whether there is a Dubai business setup or a company in Louisiana, there is an urge to reduce pollution and save energy by adopting clean resources. The best way to do so is by embracing renewable energy methods in place of fossil fuels.

Importance of Renewable Energy:

Fossil fuels are not only polluting the environment, but they will soon be dried out in coming decades. On the other hand, nuclear power is a sustainable but extremely dangerous source of energy that can bring extreme calamity. It is quite evident from the 2011 Fukushima (Japan) nuclear power accident and the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl (Ukraine) in 1986.

Therefore, the only safe and reliable option left to fulfil the energy requirements of the world and also to clean the environment by eliminating pollution is by adopting renewable resources through green investment. Solar energy, wind power and hydropower energy are the most famous types of renewable energy sources. Apart from these well-known alternatives, there is a lot of capacity in other natural resources also including geothermal electricity, ethanol, traditional biomass etc.

Green investment for renewables:

Green investment is the type of investment made on those technologies and companies that strive to replace the energy based on fossil fuels and other dangerous modes of energy to environmental friendly alternative power sources. Everyone is aware of the necessity and potential of renewable energy. But there is a lot of work to be done to effectively increase the maximal usage of renewable energy sources. Currently, hydropower (dams) is the only cheap method available for renewable energy.

Wind energy is comparatively expensive while solar energy is currently too much expensive to be used on a wider scale. The satisfying thing is that these renewable sources are not only completely environmentally friendly but there is also no shortage of these resources in future. We receive so much of solar and wind energy every day that we can easily store our energy requirement for years if we are able to fully store and utilize them.

Future prospects:

Therefore, much more green investment is required to increase the efforts for improvement in solar panels and wind turbines. The same green investment on renewable resources is really making a difference. It is estimated that the cost of renewable energy sources will drop so much by 2020 that they will be available in lower price as compared to traditional energy sources.

It is also expected that we will be able to utilize maximum amount of the energy that we are receiving on earth from sun and wind by advancement in the technology. Green investment is also playing an important role to get this achievement and the continuous investment will be required in future also to sustain the success.

The future looks bright with the emergence of renewable energy sources. But the only practical way to improve the situation is with the green investment on the improvement of renewable energy. This is the only way that we will be able to decrease the price and increase the productivity of renewable or alternative energy resources. It will ultimately result in decreasing our dependency in harmful (fossil fuels) or dangerous (nuclear energy) energy sources for production of electricity.

Brenda Cagara is a part of the business consultant team RIZ & MONA in Dubai. Her work is to assist the formation of companies in different states of UAE. Other services she takes a part in are visa processing, trade license, trade mark, bank account opening, product registration and local sponsors. Along with this, she vigilantly manages to pursue her writing career. Since the past five years, she has been writing on different niches. The top ones are business, taxation and finance.


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