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Most Popular Good Money Week Articles 2015



Good Money Week is the national awareness week coordinated by UKSIF, the membership network for sustainable and responsible financial services, but delivered by many other incredible individuals and organisations. Roll on Good Money Week 2016.

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3D Star Rating Identifies Four 5-Star Investment Options From Threadneedle, Triodos, WHEB And Brookfield

Independent SRI Consultancy 3D Investing has developed a philosophy and approach to identify the real heroes of the socially responsible investing world. The approach is fully explored in Blue & Green’s recent Guide to Sustainable Investment. We list the top funds here. Read more.

The Surprise Is That Anyone Is ‘Surprised’ That Ethical Investment ‘Can’ Be Unethical

Breaking news: the Pope is Catholic and bears fertilise the woods. A recent article in the Financial Times expressed ‘surprise’ that some ethical funds aren’t completely ethical. Some funds are more unsustainable, unethical and irresponsible than others, just like some companies and some people are. It’s a sliding scale from the darkest green to the bloodiest red. Read more.

SPP Sweden’s Utopian And Dystopian View Of 2045. Watch This!

SPP Sverige is a Swedish insurance company. It was formed in early 2015 through a merger of the two companies SPP Life Insurance and SPP Liv Fondförsäkring. They’ve just produced this incredible ‘Earth2045’ video to promote sustainable saving. Perfect for Good Money Week. Read more.

Barchester Green Names Top Five Ethical Funds

Ahead of the Good Money week, which will commence on Sunday, UK ethical financial advisory firm Barchester Green has identified five pioneering positive investment funds that make investment both profitable and responsible. Read more.

Impax Determines Positive Environmental Impact For Listed Equity Fund

At a seminar in London today in advance of Good Money Week, Impax Asset Management showcased its methodology to bring positive (net) impact measurement to listed equities.  The impact measurement is focused on Impax’s Specialists strategy, which includes the UK investment trust Impax Environmental Markets plc (IEM plc). Read more.

IFAs On Good Money Week

Good Money Week is well underway, with events being held across the country to promote and celebrate sustainable and ethical finance opportunities. The annual awareness-raising event is truly for everyone – not just traditional investors and finance professionals but for all customers and users of financial products. Read more.

Some Bad Arguments Against Sustainable, Responsible And Ethical Investment

Pull any typical investor and their financial adviser off the street and ask them what they think about sustainable, responsible and ethical investment and the investor will look confused. The adviser will typically roll their eyes. Those three adjectives will paint for both an image of new age hippies, terrible knitted sweaters, poor personal hygiene and Birkenstock sandals. Read more.

The Halfway Point – News Coverage

Jerry Seinfeld once said: “It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.” it seems there’s enough sustainable finance news to fill newspapers for a week from Land’s End to John O’Groats, via Lincoln (927 miles if you must know). Read more.

That Was The Week That Was Good Money Week 2015 In The Media

We’ve been diligently scouring the newswires, fielding multiple press releases and scribbling over 40 articles about Good Money Week 2015. Our publisher even spoke at an event on Monday. It’s been a blast and GMW15 has had the most positive media coverage we’ve seen in five years. A big high five to the team at UKSIF and all those who have participated to make a difference. Read more.

Sustainable Investment Bootcamp – Looking Back And Forward

Three years ago today, in the lead up to National Ethical Investment Week (now Good Money Week), Blue & Green Tomorrow’s held its sustainable investment boot camp for financial advisers. Two years on, with Good Money Week nearly upon us, the event calendar for this year’s GMW is more packed than ever before. Read more.

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