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St Andrew’s Day 2015: Scottish news round-up



Legend tells that in around 832 AD, in what is now East Lothian, on the eve of war with his fierce English enemies, King Angus of the Picts slept uneasily. In a dream, a heavenly figure appeared to him and promised a great victory.   

When morning came, Angus looked towards the rising sun and saw a vast white, diagonal cross reaching through the sky. It was the Saltire Cross, the symbol of St Andrew. The king claimed his victory, and so began the Scots’ relationship with their patron saint.

History aside, today is St Andrew’s day. Andrew the Apostle is also the patron saint of Greece, Russia, Barbados and fishmongers, to name but a few. However, to the English-speaking world he is most associated with Scotland, where his Saltire now adorns the national flag.

To mark the day, Blue & Green Tomorrow has rounded up all the Scotland-themed stories we have recently covered.

Scottish Renewables’ responds to Hywind floating wind farm contract award

Statoil has awarded a contract to Isleburn Limited (part of Global Energy Group located in the Highlands and Aberdeen) to build 15 suction anchors for the Hywind floating offshore wind project. Read more.

Spending Review: reaction from Scottish Renewables

Niall Stuart, Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables, said: “We are pleased to see the continuation of the Renewable Heat Incentive, though we will need to work through the detail of the expected reforms and the intention to bring down spending by around £700m by 2020/21. Increasing the use of renewable heat is essential to meeting legally binding carbon targets.” Read more.

Scottish Energy Minister: UK energy policy ‘fails objectives’

UK energy policy has been described as ‘inconsistent, incoherent and ineffectual’ by Scotland’s Energy Minister at a major energy conference. Fergus Ewing (pictured) made the comments as he accused UK Government of failing to meet its objectives and jeopardising energy security at the International Tidal Energy Summit in London. Read more.

Leading the natural capital debate: “Scotland’s rich and diverse natural environment is a national asset”

Scotland’s natural capital is a “national asset” and “contributes hugely to our economy”, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said today. Natural capital refers to the world’s stocks of natural assets, including soil, air and water – all things that make human life possible. Read more.

Keep Scotland Beautiful consultation reveals significant concern about climate change

Keep Scotland Beautiful has presented Climate Change Minister, Aileen McLeod, with a report containing the views of more than 800 people across Scotland in advance of the United Nations Climate Change Conference which takes place in Paris in December. Read more.

Tackling wildlife crime in Scotland

Read more.

SME Loan Fund puts Resource Efficiency at Top of the Business Agenda in Scotland

Read more.

Amber Rudd energy policy reset: Scottish Government and Scottish Renewables reaction

Read more.

Scottish Parliament Debates Air Pollution

Read more.

Scottish wind farm consents refused

Read more.

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