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Top features of the week: August 17



This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, we launched our £10,000 crowdfunding campaign to take Sustainable September online and global.

Richard Essex explored how investing your money sustainably can help play a part in a growing movement that is changing the world for the better, and Francesca Baker discussed whether the pop up boom is good for business and the environment.

1. The appropriate arms trade: the UK’s most unsustainable market

Richard Heasman: Conflict has always been a lucrative business, as battles tend to use and destroy a lot of things that need to be replaced. But as the human cost of these conflicts becomes increasingly obvious with 24-hour rolling and online news, now more than ever we can assess the role our nation plays in supplying the world’s conflicts. Read more.

2. Sustainability: will we wait until the tipping point?

Eminé Mehmet: For sustainability to work, it must be practiced beyond industry and corporates and be made truly accessible to everyone, writes global sustainability ambassador Eminé Mehmet. Read more.

3. Is the pop up boom good for business and the environment?

Francesca Baker: Everywhere you look now there are businesses ‘popping up’. Literally seeming to come from nowhere, and disappearing equally quickly, what started as a quirky idea in some of the major cities has now spread all around. Read more.

4. We can help influence positive change by being in a growing movement

Richard Essex: By investing your money sustainably and ethically, you can play a part in a growing movement that is changing the world for the better, writes Richard Essex. Read more.

5. Crowdfunding a global broadcast of Sustainable September

Simon Leadbetter: Today we launched our £10,000 crowd funder for Sustainable September. Why? We’ve only got a limited number of tickets and can only get so many people together in the various venues. So we want to broadcast the event live, cut it to DVD and reach out to as many people as possible, globally. Read more.

Photo: Andreas Krappweis via Flickr